Sponsorship Opportunities

Support the Movement through Sponsorship

As a not-for-profit association working on behalf of Ontario’s co-operative movement, we strive to provide programming and initiatives that are impactful to both our membership and the sector as a whole.

Member dues allow us to serve our members and the greater co-operative movement in a variety of ways. As we continue to grow our membership and our capacity to serve them, we have some programs and events that require additional support through sponsorship, to help us develop and execute them. Supporting OCA through membership dues and sponsorship is an investment in building awareness and strengthening the capacity of Ontario's co-operative businesses. 

Sponsor a Strategic Area

It is important for us that members feel they can support the areas that are most important to them. In turn, this allows our Board and Management team to develop future programs and services that address our common goals.

Your contribution will be recognized in various ways depending on what programs or projects get funded and are listed on the individual sponsorship proposals linked below. 

Below, we have identified our priorities for the next fiscal year. With your targeted support and feedback, we look forward to working more closely with our members to deliver programming that is important to them!


Government Relations


Our Government Relations efforts this year aim to build and strengthen relationships with Government, and to improve the regulatory and legislative environment for Ontario's co-ops. 

These are some of the initiatives we could implement with your contribution: 

  • Hire a consultant to help us rebuild the Co-operative Caucus following the election.
  • Continue our work with FSRA to help us amend co-operative regulations, to increase the offering statement exemption limits and modernize co-operative business capitalization.
  • Collaborate with CCO and CCUA to host an annual event at Queen’s Park (when COVID protocols allow), to showcase co-operative and credit union resilience and opportunities post pandemic.
  • Work with your co-operative to address issues with government that concern your members and support your advocacy needs.

View our GR proposal

Our Communications efforts this year will focus on a social media strategy that promotes the concept and values of co-operation, while sharing/telling stories about co-operatives and co-op innovation.

These are some of the initiatives we could implement with your contribution:

  • Social Media campaigns that increase awareness of co-operatives with election candidates, MPPs, youth and the general public.
  • Hire a social media consultant to help us extend our reach and broaden co-operative awareness.
  • Create a series of videos and reels that tell the story of co-operation and co-operatives.

View our Communications proposal

Co-op Education & Training


Our programming this year will focus on the continued development, promotion and delivery of our core education programs, designed to raise understanding and awareness of co-operatives among youth, those working in the sector and the general public.

These are some of the initiatives we could develop and grow with your contribution:

  • Co-operative Young Leaders program
  • Co-operative Minds program (NEW!)
  • ON Board program (NEW!)

View our Co-op Education proposal

Our webinars this year will include a three-part series on a specific topic that will seek the collaboration and participation of our members, as well as three more general webinars on a topic of interest to our members (see below).

These are some of the initiatives we could implement with your contribution:

  • 3 webinars on "Co-designing the Co-operative Sector of the Future."
  • 3 webinars on topics such as governance, human resources, risk management, conflict resolution and grant writing.

View our Webinar proposal


We'd like to thank you for you consideration. Please feel free to reach out to us with your sponsorship questions or to discuss the sponsorship opportunities that your organization would like to support. Contact Audrey at [email protected].