Support the Movement through Sponsorship

As a not-for-profit association working on behalf of Ontario’s co-operative movement, we strive to provide programming and initiatives that are impactful to both our membership and the sector as a whole.

Member dues allow us to serve our members and the greater co-operative movement in a variety of ways. We are the voice of co-operatives at Queen’s Park, create opportunities for co-operative education and knowledge-sharing, provide 411 and 911 technical assistance by phone or email as well as step-by-step co-op development support, maintain a directory of Ontario co-operatives and a comprehensive list of FactSheets and Guides, and share communications on co-operative news and events.

As we continue to grow our membership and our capacity to serve them, we have some programs and events that require additional support through sponsorship. Supporting OCA through membership dues and sponsorship is an investment in building awareness and strengthening the capacity of Ontario's co-operative businesses.

Sponsorship dollars allow us to develop and execute important initiatives in each of our strategic areas that otherwise would not be possible.

Sponsor a Strategic Area

The strategic areas listed below are part of our overall mandate to be the voice of co-operatives in Ontario, promote the co-operative principles, and facilitate co-operative solutions. Asking our supporters to contribute to the strategic areas that are most important to them, allows our Board and Management to develop programs and services that address our common goals.

Our goal is to generate enough support to meet our targets and accomplish everything that is listed. If we exceed this amount, we will communicate with our sponsors as to what additional programs or services we will deliver in each area.

Your contribution will be recognized in various ways depending on what programs or projects get funded. This could be a table or banner at an event, introducing a speaker or including your logo on a sponsor board, etc. Before each event or program, you will receive an outline of how your organization will be recognized based on your contribution amount.

Under each of the strategic areas listed below, we have identified our priorities for the next fiscal year based on our current five-year plan. With your targeted support and feedback, we look forward to working more closely with our members to deliver programming that is important to them.


Government Relations

Co-operative Development

Our Government Relations efforts aim to improve the regulatory and legislative environment for Ontario's co-operatives. 

These are some of the initiatives we could implement with your contribution: 

  • Host a Spring Queen’s Park Reception
  • Host up to two Queen’s Park Breakfast meetings
  • Update the 2010 Co-operative Economic Impact Study
  • Update Factsheets and Guide to the Act
  • Hosting Regional MPP BBQs

 Target $30,000

We have embarked on a mission to brand the word "co-operative" and educate Ontarians on the positive impacts of the business model.

These are some of the initiatives we could implement with your contribution:

  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Targeted Ads
  • Media Releases


Target $10,000

Education & Training

Awareness Building

Our education and training programs provide sector-specific learning opportunities to existing co-operatives, their staff, boards and members, as well as a new generation of co-operative leaders through our youth programs.

These are some of the initiatives we could implement with your contribution:

  • Development of a new Employee On-Boarding Module
  • Co-operative Young Leaders & Base Camp Program Development
  • All 4 Each Curriculum Development

Target $25,000

OCA offers business development support to those wanting to start a new co-operative, or to grow an existing co-operative. 

These are some of the initiatives we could implement with your contribution:

  • Co-op Development Incubator
  • Regional Co-op Networks
  • Regional Events



Target $25,000


Sponsor a Specific Program

There is still an opportunity to support directly to the Co-operative Young Leaders and All 4 Each programs as noted on the sponsorship form.


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