Co-operative Investment Opportunities


Interested in investing in a co-operative business? Check out these great opportunities!


Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative (OREC)

The Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative (OREC) is a for profit cooperative founded in 2010 and in 2023 has grown to almost 1,000 members and manages 28 projects. OREC develops or purchases renewable energy (RE) projects in partnership with schools, institutions, municipalities, and businesses or other cooperatives in Eastern and Southwestern Ontario. Electricity produced by these projects is then sold to the grid or directly to the project host, accelerating the move towards 100% renewable energy. The majority of OREC's RE projects are generating revenue under long-term Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) contracts, providing a stable return. OREC also finances building energy efficiency projects. Capital is raised from members of the Co-operative through the sale of preference shares and investment notes. Revenues from the sale of renewable energy or energy savings are returned to investing members in the form of interest payments, dividends, and capital repayment.


Union: Sustainable Development Co-operative 

Union Co-operative is working to buy residential and commercial properties in Waterloo Region for permanent affordability through community ownership. Investments will be used to acquire, renovate, and manage an existing multi-unit residential building. This approach reduces the risk and complexity of building new, and preserves existing housing stock that often have below market rents. 


The Fair Finance Fund (an initiative of the Local Food & Farm Co-operative - OCA Member)

The Fair Finance Fund (“Fund”) is a non-profit social finance fund dedicated to providing loans and mentorship services to Ontario’s local food and farm enterprises that value strong local food systems, local economies, and a healthy planet. The Fair Finance Fund builds on seed capital to implement an ongoing investment opportunity for community-minded investors, that is, individuals who want to invest their capital to build local food systems in Ontario to support food that is grown, raised and processed in their own backyards. The Fair Finance Fund provides support across Ontario’s food webs, from production to waste redirection. 


The Renewable Energy Co-op (TREC) - OCA Member

Since 1998, the TREC Co-operative has been mobilizing community capital for projects that benefit communities. With their roots in renewable energy, they have supported organizations in raising significant capital towards the purchase of fixed assets, while making impact investing accessible to individual investors across Ontario. With the expansion of their Community Bond services, they are interested in supporting co-operatives to raise financing from their community of supporters.


Community Power Northumberland - OCA Member

As a not-for-profit co-operative, Community Power Northumberland relies on local investors to help fund their renewable energy projects. Offering competitive rates of return for loans, CPN has so far raised over $250,000 to initiate its projects, all of which (with interest) is being repaid in full to our investors. In the future, CPN hopes to fund the entire construction of its solar projects by selling renewable energy bonds. Investing in your community has never been easier or more fulfilling.


Community Energy Development Co-operative - OCA Member

CED Co-op invests in renewable energy projects, generating revenue by selling the electricity these projects produce to the grid through the Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) program. With 20-year electricity generation contracts, this revenue is stable and safe, delivering predictable returns for our investors. In 2015 the first CED Co-op Offering Statement, generated over $9.6 million of investment in solar energy projects. Following that success, they raised $100,000 through their Bonds Series N1-5. Don’t miss out on the latest opportunity for community minded, professional investment! 


La Siembra Co-operative - OCA Member

INVEST IN A FAIR TRADE MODEL! La Siembra Co-operative Inc. is a worker-owned co-operative incorporated under the Co-operative Corporations Act in August 1999.  Under the brand of Camino, the Co-operative imports, manufactures and sells Fair Trade certified and organic certified food products intended to improve the livelihoods of family farmers, support rural economic development in the global south, and support the well-being of communities at home and abroad through economic cooperation.

By purchasing a minimum of 250 shares at $10 each ($2,500 minimum purchase), you will be supporting the work of a growing ethical business, and you will be helping to provide a livelihood to thousands of growers and producers in economically marginalized countries around the world. 


Canadian Co-operative Investment Fund (CCIF)

The CCIF is a response to a critical challenge facing co‑operatives and mutuals: accessing capital without compromising their autonomy. They need a source of capital that takes into account the realities of the co‑operative business model and that structures investments in a way that respects the principles and the role of capital within co‑operatives and mutuals.