Get Involved!

While co-operative organizations work and provide service in a vast array of sectors, we are strongest when we work together and foster the sixth principle of co-operation: Co-operation among Co-operatives. OCA imagines an Ontario where everyone works together to make this province a supportive and prosperous environment for co-operative organizations.

There are any number of ways you can get involved and contribute your own unique skills, experience and personality!

1. JOIN OUR MEMBERSHIP. Does your organization believe in the co-operative principles? Are you invested in building a more sustainable and equitable social economy? The commitment of our members help us provide education, advocacy and business development support, and tools and resources that support the growth and success of co-operatives and credit unions in Ontario. Learn more about becoming a member. 

2. JOIN OUR BOARD. Have a say in the strategic direction of the organization and help us fulfill our mission to to develop, support, educate and advocate for Ontario's 1,500+ co-operative businesses. Put forward your nomination before our Annual General Meeting.  

3. BECOME A CO-OP ADVOCATE. As great as the co-operative sector is, people won't know about it if we don't tell them! Contact us to find out how you can spread the word about co-operatives and credit unions. 

4. BECOME A CYL FACILITATOR. The Co-operative Young Leaders program succeeds in large part because of our volunteer facilitators - people who volunteer their time to help the new generation of co-operators learn about leadership and co-operatives, and to have an unforgettable summer experience. Volunteer facilitators also gain a wealth a knowledge and new skills, allowing them to develop both personally and professionally. Find out more about CYL and how to become a Facilitator. 

5. SPONSOR CYL. Invest in youth and the future of your co-operative or credit union. The benefits of developing leadership and communication skills of youth will in turn benefit your organization, your members, and your community. Make CYL a part of your organization's youth engagement strategy and learn about the different ways you can support this awesome co-operative education program.

6. SPONSOR A STRATEGIC AREA. Membership dues alone aren't enough to make all or our programs and initiatives possible. Contact us to learn how you can help support our individual strategic areas, while raising your organization’s profile in the process! 

7. BE A GUEST SPEAKER. Do you have special expertise to share? Are you passionate about a subject that other co-operatives, credit unions and their members might benefit from? Let us know, and we'll connect you with people who need to hear what you have to say.

8. WORK FOR A CO-OPERATIVE. Co-operative businesses are successful because of their dedicated and motivated employees. They exist in every imaginable sector of the economy - which means you can find a job in a co-operative or credit union in whatever field interests you. Visit our Co-op Careers job board to find out more.

9. POST A JOB. Our Co-op Careers board is also a great resource to connect co-operatives with the help they need. If you are a co-operative or credit union, or if your organization supports co-operatives, there is no charge to have a position listed on the board. Simply email a PDF or WORD file of the job description to our Communications Manager to have your position listed. 

10. STAY CONNECTED! Like us on Facebook or LinkedIn and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.