Co-op Service Providers

Our membership includes lawyers, accountants, consultants and contractors that contribute to the movement by offering their products or services to co-operatives and credit unions. Each are vetted to make sure they are knowledgeable about the co-operative business model, and what makes it unique.  
Use the table below to browse a list of our co-op service providers by category. For more information on the products or services each organization can offer your co-operative, please contact them directly.

Prentice, Yates & Clark is a full service firm of Chartered Professional Accountants providing all aspects of a public accounting practice including assurance, accounting, tax and consulting services. We are proud of our history of dedicated service having been established in 1944 and continuing to provide services to small & medium sized organizations and individuals for over 70 years.

Connect with Prentice, Yats & Clark:

15 Toronto Street, Suite 700
Toronto, ON M5C 2E3

Pn: (800) 265-7818
Fx: (416) 366-9171
Email: [email protected]

Williams, Payne & Associates

Williams, Payne & Associates is a full service accounting company that has been in the business for 35 years. They provide accounting ,consulting and taxation services to many co-operatives across Ontario.

Connect with Williams, Payne & Assoiates:

17817 Leslie St
Newmarket, ON L3Y 8C6

Pn: (905) 252-8004
Email: [email protected]




CL Chamberlain Communications


CL Chamberlain Communications has more than 60 years combined experience in co-operative communication, member relations, outreach, management and planning. 

Connect with Cathy Chamberlain:

Twitter: @Clccomcom



Rhythm Communications


Rhythm Communications is a management consulting and communications company that works together with clients to create strategic business plans, position products and services, develop communications strategies and materials, and facilitate innovation and change. Russ Christianson, President of Rhythm Communications, is also a co-op developer and has assisted in the development of over 100 co-operatives. 

Connect with Russ Christianson:

Pn: (519) 279-4045
Email: [email protected]

REFOCUS Sustainability Co-operative is a non-profit co-operative dedicated to enabling organizational leaders to effectively respond to accelerating global change.  Founded on the principle that the lens of (triple-bottom-line) sustainability can significantly enhance how well an organization performs, REFOCUS provides a complete roadmap for overcoming barriers and leading transformational change.  Rather than simply depicting an ideal end state, REFOCUS provides a flexible, iterative and self-reflective process that enables organizations to smartly evolve, regardless of their focus or current sustainability.

Connect with Randy Sa'd, Founder & Executive Director:

Pn: (416) 970-2529
Email: [email protected]



Frontline Credit Union was founded in 1948 by our very own Ottawa Fire Fighters. From humble beginnings of a select few, to now over 4000 members, predominantly working in Fire, Health and Hydro services, and 20 staff who strive to offer the best possible service. At Frontline, improving the financial wellbeing of our members and their families is our main objective. The key to providing different and valued service is our understanding of the complexities of family financial situations and providing creative and efficient banking solutions. We are a full service financial institution with a twist, and we specialize in offering quality banking and investing, and sharing benefits to improve all of our members financial lives.

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Libro Credit Union is the largest credit union in southwestern Ontario with 105,000 Owners, more
than 600 employees and 31 branches in 25 communities across southwestern Ontario. Libro is a
full-service financial institution including accounts, loans, financing, credit cards, cash
management and employer services. Libro is purpose driven financial institution that uses all
its resources to grow prosperity.

Connect with Libro Credit Union





Kingston Community Credit Union (KCCU) strives to be an effective financial co-operative by delivering top quality, innovative and responsive personal service and by focusing on community involvement in a meaningful way. KCCU sees itself as an ethical and highly principled financial co-operative, aware of its social responsibilities. KCCU is committed to preserving democratic principles, including demographic representation and volunteer participation in credit union activities. Our Credit Union is managed by a seven person Board of Directors. They are responsible for providing guidance and direction for the Credit Union. 

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Meridian is Ontario’s largest credit union, helping more than a quarter of a million Members grow their lives and businesses. Our employees – more than 1,200 in our 65 branches, 7 Commercial Business Centres and corporate offices – have the ability and power to make decisions on the spot, because they know our Members and their circumstances best. Meridian combines exceptional Member service with a full range of products and services such as telephone, mobile and online electronic banking services that allow our Members to securely access their money anywhere, anytime.

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PACE Credit Union can trace its roots back to the Farmunited Credit Union which began in 1940.  PACE began as a credit union for employees of the Peel Region and the name PACE is an acronym for Peel Region and Co-op Employees. Over the years, PACE has grown through the amalgamation of a number of smaller credit unions, enabling more to be done for members as one large credit union.

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Windsor Family Credit Union has long been recognized as one of the leading, progressive financial organizations in the City of Windsor and Essex County. Serving Windsor and surrounding communities for over 70 years, WFCU began in 1941 with assets of less than $10,000 and now has $1.8 Billion in Managed Assets and Member Service Totals of $2.6 billion. WFCU is the sixth largest credit union in Ontario operating nine retail locations and serving 33,000 members including 30,000 Personal members in 15,900 households, 1,900 Businesses and 1,400 Organizations.

Connect with Windsor Family Credit Union:




Ontario Equity Co-operative Housing Association


Ontario Equity Co-operative Housing Association, (OECHA), was developed with the goal to assist the boards and shareholders of equity housing co-ops where the shareholders live in the units, elect a Board, and maintain the property. OECHA provide answers to questions that arise, guidance as to government registration and requirements,  as well as seminars giving professional advice such as that from a lawyer or accountant.  Their objective is to help make your Equity Housing Co-operative function better, therefore making it an attractive and desirable place to live.

Connect with Doug Adams at OECHA:

Ph: (905) 484-4031
Email: [email protected]


Since 1992, LINDdesign has been providing a complete range of graphic services to include a wide range of organizations and small businesses. Specialties are publication, brochure and logo design for co-ops, cultural organizations, environmental groups and book publishers. Principal Gareth Lind is an Ontario Registered Graphic Designer (R.G.D.) and a member of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada.

Contact Gareth Lind:

123 Woolwich Street, First Floor
Guelph, ON N1H 3V1

Ph: (519) 831-9833
Email: [email protected]




Co-op Guard, created by The Co-operators is insurance for co-operatives and it provides the coverage and services you need to protect and build your co-op. A different kind of business deserves a different kind of coverage.  And who can better help you protect it than an insurance company that's part of a co-operaive too?

Contact The Co-operators:

Email: [email protected] 


Over the past 80 years, Partners Indemnity Insurance Brokers & Partners Indemnity Financial Group has grown and prospered by paying attention to our clients. We have a strong commitment to giving personal service and providing competitive insurance products.

Contact Dan Bilancia:

3410 South Service Road, Upper Level
Burlington, ON L7N 3T2

Ph: (519) 763-5557
Email: [email protected]




Iler Campbell LLP is an eight-lawyer firm, based in Toronto, that provides legal services to many of Ontario's co-operatives—including housing, worker, food, agriculture, and energy co-ops. Iler Campbell LLP is also counsel to OCA. We have extensive experience serving co-ops, not-for-profits, charities, and socially-minded small businesses and individuals. We sit on boards, volunteer our time, and otherwise get involved in issues that matter to us. In fact, there are quite a few of us who worked in the not-for-profit sector before joining Iler Campbell.

Connect with Iler Campbell LLP:

150 John Street, 7th Floor
Toronto ON M5V 3E3

Ph: (416) 598-0103
Fx: (416) 598-3484
Email: [email protected]


Lerners is a full service law firm able to offer most everything their clients need. As general counsel to their clients they handle all corporate and commercial needs, including for-profit and non-profit incorporations, governance and corporate structures and regulations, construction law, landlord and tenant relationships, charities law, trademarks and copyright, labour and employment, obligations under the Human Rights Code and related legislation.

They have specialized knowledge of co-operative law; Their firm has an extensive co-op client base, and has been counsel to the Ontario Co-operative Association for many years. In recent years,They've played an instrumental role in the emerging area of renewable energy co-ops and the development of the Green Energy Act.

Connect with Ian Shewan:

Ph: (519) 640-6334
Fx: (519) 932-3334
Email: [email protected]

Before joining RZCD Law Firm LLP as associates on January 1, 2009, Geoff Cauchi and Penny Rintoul carried on the practice of law in partnership with David J. Guiney, as Guiney, Rintoul, Cauchi LLP, Geoff and Penny moved their practices to RZCD to form its Financial Institution Services Group. They continue to act as general legal counsel to Credit Union Central of Canada, over 120 Ontario Credit Unions and a small Bank, and are beginning to develop a co-operative client base as well. They strive to be as responsive to their institutional clients' day to day legal enquiries as they could be if they occupied an office in their own building. They are their "external legal counsel with in-house attitude!"

Connect with Geoffrey Cauchi at RZCD Law Firm LLP:

Mississauga Corporate Centre 77 City Centre Drive, Suite 700
Mississauga, ON L5B 1M5

Ph: (905) 848-6100
Fx: (905) 896-1111
Email: [email protected]


Dale A. Holland,
Barrister and Solicitor

Following a 25 year career in the development and management of co-operatives prior to law school, Dale's practice has happily provided him with an opportunity to continue contributing to the co-op sector. He am particularly interested in the ongoing expansion and development of the sector, and the inherent opportunities for change that he believe are increasingly relevant to the well-being of our communities, our economy and our collective future.

Connect with Dale Holland, Barrister and Solicitor:

30 Dupont St. E., Suite 202
Waterloo ON N2J 2G9

Ph: (519)745-9744
Email: [email protected]



Homestarts Incorporated is a community based, non-profit organization dedicated to the success of our clients through the delivery of management, maintenance, capital repair, consulting, and development services.

Connect with Homestarts:

501b Mississauga Road
Mississauga, ON  L5N 1A6

Ph: (877) 858-1110  
Email: [email protected]

Richmond Community Management Services (RCMS) is an experienced property management firm that is dedicated to providing quality service with a high standard of excellence, care, and personalization. On November 1, 2017, RCMS accepted the assignment of most of the management agreements that were in place with Ontario Property Management Group, (OPMG).

RCMS focuses on providing clients with exceptional delivery of services, superior value, and community leadership. We are one of the largest providers of property management services for social housing of any size in Southern Ontario.

Connect with Richmond Community Management Services:

214-5405 Eglinton Avenue West,
Toronto, ON M9C 5K6

Ph: (844) 470-6764 x 7
Fx: 905-470-6651
Email: [email protected]





Brooke Telecom owned by its members, has been connecting rural communities including Inwood, Alvinston, and Watford since 1911. Dedicated to its customers needs, Brooke Telecom provides reliable state of the art communication services including voice, data, cellular, dial up and high speed internet.

Connect with Brooke Telecom:

3241 Park St.
Inwood, Ontario N0N 1K0

Ph: (519) 844-2160
Email: [email protected]

Hay Communications Co-operative provides communications services including telephone, long distance, internet, security monitoring & web hosting/back-up.

Connect with Hay Communications:

72863 Blind Line
Zurich, ON N0M 2T0

Ph: (888) 831-4333
Email: [email protected]

Quadro Communications Co-op Inc serves a rural area west of Stratford and north of London, which nearly surrounds the town of St. Mary's. Our exchanges include Granton, Kirkton, Uniondale & Sebringville. Quadro is one of several Independent Telephone companies in Southwestern Ontario. We are a a co-op and as such, offer each customer a member share.

Connect with Quadro Communications:

1845 Road 164
Kirkton, ON N0K 1K0

Ph: (519) 229-8933
Email: [email protected]