OCA supports co-operative education with three target audiences in mind: youth (ages 13 - 18), those employed in the co-operative sector, and those leading and/or governing co-operatives. Learn why this is so important

Our own educational and training programs provide a variety of learning and professional development opportunities for a new generation of co-operative leaders, as well as for existing co-operators. They can take various forms including summer programs for youth (Co-operative Young Leaders), facilitation training and opportunities for adults (Co-operative Young Leaders), training and providing educators and community partners with the tools necessary to educate and inspire the next generation of co-operative leaders (Co-operative Minds), co-operative training and workshops for both new and existing co-operatives (ON Board!), as well as specialized training sessions designed to meet the needs of our members). Learn more about theseprograms and other co-operative learning opportunities available nationally and internationally!