Co-op FactSheets


Over ther years, OCA has developed a series of  FactSheets - quick and easy-to-read resources on everything you need to know about co-operatives. Check them out below!


STR01: What is a Co-operative?
STR02: How to Incorporate a Co-op in Ontario
STR03: Choosing Federal or Provincial Incorporation
STR04: Co-operatives are Different from Business Corporations
STR05: Co-operatives are Different from Not-for-Profits
STR06: For-Profit and Not-for-Profit Co-ops
STR07: Choosing Charitable Status


SS01: Financial Services Co-operatives
SS02: Worker Co-operatives
SS03: Housing Co-operatives
SS04: Child Care Co-operatives
SS05: Food & Farm Co-operatives
SS06: Renewable Energy Co-operatives


ACT01: Guide to the Ontario Co-operative Corporations Act
ACT02: 2009 Changes to Ontario’s Co-operative Corporations Act
ACT03: Changes to Ontario’s Act: Electronic Member Meetings
ACT04: Changes to Ontario’s Act: Non-Member Directors on the Board
ACT05: Changes to Ontario’s Act: Acclamation of Directors
ACT06: 2019 Updates to the Ontario Act: Limit on Non-Member Business and Exemption from Audit


BP01: Developing a Co-op
BP02: Financing a Co-op (with or without share capital)
BP03: Using Offering Statements to Raise Capital
BP04: Director’s Liability and Indemnity
BP05: Working With Consultants
BP06: Partnering with the Government 
BP07: Making Fundamental Changes
BP08: Succession Planning & Youth Involvement 
BP09: Co-operative Business Conversions
BP10: Audits for Ontario Co-operatives 
BP11: Making the Co-op Principles Work for You

BP12: Co-op Advocacy