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Our organization understands that the success of co-operatives depends on the dedication and commitment of its employees and members. In co-operatives and credit unions where employees understand and feel part of the broader co-operative movement, their dedication to the job and their commitment to the organization can be much greater. OCA knows it isn’t always easy to explain the co-operative business model and that there are many tasks new employees must be taught in order to be successful.

For this reason, we have developed a course to introduce new and existing employees, board members or even members of your co-op or credit union to the sector, and explain how they are part of something so much bigger than themselves. We highlight how the seven principles are relevant to their role and to the success of their co-operative and the community as a whole. We provide an overview of the co-operative difference and ensure that everyone involved with your co-operative is excited to be part of the movement, and are working hard to provide value to their members and their community.

Participants will be challenged and inspired by an interactive experience designed with both facilitated and self-guided learning components. Our introductory Co-ops 101 course consists of a facilitated workshop with guided networking for participants from across the co-operative and credit union sector, access to an interactive co-operative map and self-guided learning module.

The workshop registration fee is $99 per participant, with discounts available for OCA members and group bookings.

Contact Michelle Christmann for more information on how to book a private workshop tailored for your team/class. Minimum fee/registration requirement.




'"When we onboard new staff, we think it’s important for them to learn more about credit unions and our system partners who support us in providing products & services to our Owners. A big part of that is educating new staff on the co-operative principles and how these co-operative principles set credit unions apart from other financial institutions. Libro has strong roots internally, and externally within the credit union system. As a financial services co-operative, we play a unique role in supporting the co-operative system and work with others through local, national, regional, and international structures. We want to make sure all staff understand what a driving force that is behind the way we operate our business."

- Jordan Moat, PFP
Regional Manager, Libro Credit Union


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