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Grégoire Lefebvre


Greg is a passionate former science and math teacher that was given the opportunity to share my excitement for learning. That passion continued by assuming the responsibilities of principalship in various schools over a 22-year period.

He has an affinity in getting involved and co-ordinating various academic and community activities, which lead him to frequently collaborate with the North Bay Caisse Populaire.

Over the years and after many discussions with the Caisse branch manager, Greg came to understand that the Caisse represented and offered all the values and goals that are most precious and dear tohim, such as sharing the wealth, supporting our communities financially and through active participation towards the achievement of various collective goals, as well as supporting small business and personal dreams.

Prior to retirement, he wanted to give back to the financial institution that had supported him  in so many ways, knowing that his retirement would make him more available. He joined the board for the Caisse Populaire North Bay (NB) just as amalgamation talks got underway.

As chair of Caisse Populaire North Bay, Greg participated in the planning and communications of the amalgamation and the creation of its new structure. Four years later, the newly created Caisse Alliance has surpassed all projections and since then, he was elected Vice-Chair, with the expectation by Board members that he take over the Chair position.

Greg joined the Directors' Forum Board in November 2021, and has accepted the position of Board Secretary. 

Contact Grégoire Lefebvre at [email protected]