We've made it very easy for you to find any incorporated co-operative business in Ontario!


Search by KEYWORD, BUSINESS TYPE (e.g., Worker, Producer, etc.) or SECTOR (e.g., Renewal Energy, Housing, etc.), with the option of entering the city, postal code and even the radius, and then scroll down to the bottom to see your results.

Our map feature will show you all the co-operatives in a given radius, but you need to enter both a city and postal code for it to work properly. For example, if you are searching for all the credit unions in Ottawa, choose "Financial Services" in the Sector drop down menu, then enter "Ottawa" in the City/Town box, and the postal code in the postal code box. To see all the credit unions in Ottawa on the map, go to the Per Page drop down menu and choose the maximum option of "100."  

For a map of All OCA Members ONLY, Click Here. For a map of OCA Member Credit Unions, Click Here.


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