For the past 36 years, the annual Directors' Forum (DF) has been a unique credit union-centric professional development, education and networking conference and event, organized by credit union Directors for credit union Directors. Approximately 120 - 150 delegates from across the province attend the full day-and-a-half conference with a sense of common purpose and goals, and a shared drive for success.

The Forum offers great value to Directors in that it provides them with opportunities to: 

  • Keep up-to-date and informed on relevant topics, as well as system trends and challenges
  • Develop new knowledge and skills to take back to their organizations
  • Gain accreditation through a joint partnership with CCUA/Cusource® Education and the CUDA program
  • Learn what other credit unions and caisses populaires are doing provincially and nationally
  • Share ideas through active participation in sessions and roundtable discussions
  • Build relationships, potential mentorship opportunities and network with other system leaders
  • Celebrate the achievements and contributions of long-serving directors

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