For the past 36 years, the annual Directors' Forum (DF) has been a unique credit union-centric professional development, education and networking conference and event, organized by credit union Directors for credit union Directors.

Approximately 120 - 150 delegates from across the province attend the full day-and-a-half conference with a sense of common purpose and goals, and a shared drive for success. The Forum offers great value to Directors in that it provides them with opportunities to: 

  • Keep up-to-date and informed on relevant topics, as well as system trends and challenges
  • Develop new knowledge and skills to take back to their organizations
  • Gain accreditation through a joint partnership with CCUA/Cusource® Education and the CUDA program
  • Learn what other credit unions and caisses populaires are doing provincially and nationally
  • Share ideas through active participation in sessions and roundtable discussions
  • Build relationships, potential mentorship opportunities and network with other system leaders
  • Celebrate the achievements and contributions of long-serving directors

Guest speakers are selected from both within and external to the system for their expertise and ability to contribute to the topics, which are carefully selected to reflect Directors’ unique interests and needs. All sessions are evaluated to ensure quality, relevance and value for cost. Delegate feedback consistently confirms that this directors-only conference provides a high value for the cost to attend, to credit unions, caisses populaires and their board members.

The annual Forum is also a great opportunity for both new and young system directors, as the learning, mentoring and networking that takes place provides a strong foundation for their role on the board, and enhances their ability to make significant contributions to their organizations.

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