Last year for Co-op Week, we asked you to embrace Principle Six: Co-operation among Co-operatives and learn more about each other by looking up/reaching out to other co-ops in your region and checking out some of our member profiles. This year, we are supporting the theme “Co-operation in the World of Tomorrow,” by asking you to reflect on the power of co-operation and how as a community, can we build a better future through co-operation.  

We co-operate every single day in our personal and professional lives, from delegating chores at home, holding doors open for strangers, waiting our turn in lines and even replacing grocery carts, to supporting our colleagues at work and collaborating on projects. As a co-operator, we already know that doing things together yields far greater results than doing them alone!

OCA’s vision is an Ontario where co-operatives and credit unions contribute to the sustainable growth and development of our communities: Co-operatives, together, building a better world. As such, we provide the platforms and opportunities to co-operate on issues and initiatives that are crucial to the future success of the sector in Ontario.

Two such initiatives that we are working on at the moment include a Queen’s Park Lobby Dayand Reception (October 26, 2022), and a three-part webinar series, From Principle to Practice: Co-Designing the Co-operative Sector of the Future (January to March 2023). At our Queen's Park event, we will be advocating for a number of important issues that would help put co-operatives on a level playing field with other forms of business. Our webinar series will focus on how co-operatives can begin to more effectively practice the proposed Principle 8 (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) as a means to create a more inclusive sector. Both events are free to attend and offer great opportunities for us to come together and collaborate to effect positive change. Please visit the Events page our website to learn more about them!

We believe that Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada's theme of “Co-operation in the World of Tomorrow” extends far beyond Co-op Week 2022, and truly recognizes the significance of promoting, advocating and educating the world year-round on the power of co-operation as a means to achieve a better world. As such, let us continue to adopt and use the hashtags #AllTogetherNow and #TomorrowNeedsUs when sharing our stories of co-operation.

Finally, we hope your Co-op Week celebrations also goes beyond October 22nd, and that you will join us in sharing your voice at Queen’s Park, and in co-designing a more inclusive and equitable co-operative sector in Ontario.

Here are some simple suggestions on how you can celebrate Co-op Week:

  • Browse our Membership List and see who else is supporting the movement.
  • Reach out to another OCA Member and introduce yourself or ask about their organization, product or services.
  • Do a “Shout out” of another co-op or credit union by promoting them or tagging them on social media.
  • Search our Find a Co-op listing and learn about some of the other co-ops in your geographic location or sector.
  • Order the latest merchandise from the FlagShop to promote co-operative awareness in your organization and community!
  • Check out this toolkit for planning Co-op Week celebrations, created by the Saskatchewan Co-operative Association in 2015. 
  • Share your #Coopweek stories and photos with us on Facebook and Twitter - don’t forget to use the handle @ONcooperatives and the hashtag #coops so we can see you! 

And please don’t forget to check out Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada’s Co-op Week 2022 page for a list of their Co-op Week contest, events and media kit!