Agricultural Co-op Caucus

OCA is proud to work with the diverse group of co-operatives that are leading our province’s agricultural industry.

When our organization was developing its strategic plan, we knew we wanted to support the growth and competitiveness of one of our largest co-operative sectors. Agricultural co-operative locations, members and employees together reach almost every small town in rural Ontario. With this reach, there is no limit to what our sector can collaboratively accomplish that will give our co-operative businesses a competitive advantage and ensure the sustainability of our rural communities.

OCA proposed the creation of an Agricultural Caucus for the CEOs from our leading, established co-operative businesses, who met for the first time in early summer 2018. They explored issues and opportunities within the agricultural sector where a collaborative approach to problem solving and goal setting could achieve greater heights than working alone.

If you are interested in joining this group, or have any questions about this meeting or the goals of the Caucus, please contact Erin Morgan by email or at 519-763.8271 x 30