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The Ontario Co-operative Association exists to strengthen and unite the co-operative movement in Ontario. We believe that co-operatives are the solution to creating stronger communities, which help to build a better world.

Our Members are organizations that believe in the co-operative principles and are invested in the future of the movement.

With their commitment, we are able to deliver co-operative research, education, advocacy, networks, tools and resources, that support the success and sustainability of all co-operatives and the movement as a whole.

Our Membership Structure

To address the diversity of our members and the co-operative sector, we have three categories of affiliation: Member-owners, Friends and Associates. Our structure and dues are designed to recognize the varying stages of development and capacity of our membership to contribute to the sustainability and strength of the co-operative movement in Ontario. Co-operative organizations are encouraged to contribute within their means, while striving to become champions of the movement, while Friends and Associates are also encouraged to contribute what they can to provide a strong foundation for the movement to grow.

Membership Categories & Dues

Member-Owner (Voting)

Co-operative organizations and federations in Ontario that believe in the co-operative principles and are invested in the future of the movement. Member-owners contribute to the organizations direction and operation by sitting on the board, committees and task groups. They make and pass resolutions at members' meetings and may vote and discuss on the business of the Association. Member-owners may elect representatives to the Board of Directors, and may submit candidates to run for On Co-op's Board. Federation members* have the added responsibility of ensuring their members (MOMOs) are informed and engaged in the organizations activities and are consulted on issues that affect them.

Co-op Champion $50,000 +

Co-op Leader $10,000 +

Co-op Booster $3,000 +

Co-op Supporter $500 +

*If a Federation joins below the Co-op Leader category, they are not entitled to exclusive MOMO status extended to the co-operatives within their membership.

Friends (Non-voting)

Member of Member-owners (MOMOs), non co-ops, start-ups and Individuals may join as Friends. This category is for those wanting contribute to the success of the movement in Ontario and stay connected to On Co-op.  They may also join committees and task groups.

MOMOs $500+

Non Co-ops $500+

Start-up $150+

Individuals $75+

Associates (Non-voting)

Service providers such as lawyers, accountants, consultants and contractors may join as Associates. This category is for those that want to contribute to the movement by offering their products or services to co-ops and credit unions. They may also join committees and task groups.

 Associates $500+

Membership Definitions

Member-Owner: An entity organized on a co-operative basis that operates in Ontario. (Defined in By-law 3.01) They may also be a federation or apex organization of co-operatives.

Federation or Apex Organization: An Ontario based federation/apex of co-operatives.  Example: Central 1 Credit Union, CHF Canada, Ontario. Only Federations/Apex organizations that join at the Leader level or above will receive exclusive MOMO rights.  Federations/Apex organizations that join below this level may still join as Member-owner, but their members, may also join as Member-owners and have equal voting rights as their “parent” organisation.

MOMO: A member of a member organization. The “parent” member must be an Ontario based federation or apex organization. Example: A credit union that is a member of Central 1 or a housing co-op that is a member of CHF, Ontario.

Non Co-op: An organization that is not a co-operative but that may work within and/or support the co-operative movement. Example: A property management company that manages a housing co-op, or a community development organization that promotes co-ops.

Start-up: A group that is beginning the process of becoming a co-operative, or are a recently incorporated co-operative. Example: A working group, or a co-op that has been incorporated for less than 5 years.

Individual: An individual person who is co-operatively minded and wants to contribute to the success of the co-operative movement.

Associates: Service providers such as lawyers, accountants, bookkeepers, graphic designers etc., who work with co-operatives, have a skillset specific to co-operative needs, or who want to contribute to the success of the co-operative movement. These providers are organizations we can recommend to our membership for co-op friendly service and advice.


Risk Management

Oct 1, 2015 - Introduction to Co-op Guard

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34th Annual Directors' Forum Conference

Oct 11, 2018 + others - Directors of credit unions and caisses populaires are invited to join us for a unique learning, professional development and networking opportunity! New as well as young Directors are also highly encouraged to attend!

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