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Tim Foster


Tim Foster is a retired 30-year OPP Officer, who has enjoyed a diverse career as an In‐Service Trainer, Emergency Response Team Leader, Contract Policing Analyst, Business Planning Manager and Detachment Commander, to name a few.

He has been a member of the credit union system for over thirty years, 32 of those with Northern Credit Union and was as a branch delegate for over 10 years. Tim was elected to Northern Credit Union’s board in 2012, became Vice‐Chair in 2013, and Chair in 2014. Although he stepped down as Board Chair after five years in the position, Tim is still an engaged Board member and active in the credit union system. He has served on Audit, Financial, Governance, Human Resources, Merger, and Nominating Committees. Through two mergers and organic growth, Northern has become a 1.4-billion-dollar credit union.

Tim has been a member of the Director's Forum since 2012 and served for four years as Chair of the Executive. He is currently a Board Director of the newly incorporated Directors’ Forum Co-operative (since October 2020). He is a strong believer in continuous education. In addition to many CUDA courses and Credit Union conferences, he is an Accredited Credit Union Director through CUDA and Dalhousie University.

Over the past ten years, Tim has studied theology, was ordained a Deacon in the Roman Catholic Church in September 2014, and is quite active in his ministry. He has been married to his wife Sue for over forty years, and has four adult children and three grand‐children.

Contact Tim Foster at [email protected]