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Sujit Basak

Administrative Assistant & Bookkeeper

Sujit recently joined OCA as Administrative Assistant and Bookkeeper. His main role is to perform bookkeeping for all financial transactions, reconcile and balance all accounts, analyze financial data, as well as to produce financial reports and budgets.

Sujit immigrated from Bangladesh to Canada with his family. He was born and raised in Dhaka, where there is a festival every month! He was always surrounded by friends who are sculptors currently living in France.

Before coming to Canada, he successfully completed his Master of Business administration from Stamford University Bangladesh, followed by a Master of Accounting from National University, Bangladesh.

Sujit obtained a Business Administration Diploma in Accounting from Bow Valley College in Calgary, AB. Recently, he completed his CPA (PREP) and is also a candidate of CPA PEP under CPA Western School of Business, AB.

His favorite subject is Non-Profit Organization’s Taxation, and he really likes to work with non-profit organizations like OCA, to help develop their policy and programs. He has already enjoyed participating in different co-op-related webinars and learning about the CYL program! 

Sujit’s goal is to develop and strengthen the co-operative sector, by using his experience and education in Canada. He believes that both the government and private organizations should help create more co-operatives and co-op community programs, as a way to radically improve the social welfare of society.

Contact Sujit Basak at [email protected] or at ext. 27