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Jennifer Ross

Executive Director (Acting Interim)

Jennifer joined OCA as the Office Co-ordinator in the summer of 2009. For seven years, she co-ordinated the overall operations of the organization, provided bookkeeping support and also contributed to the team’s various projects, programs and events. During this time she worked closely with the Communication and Events Manager on all OCA events and provided registration management for all programs. She also supported and contributed to the Human Resources Committee.

As of June 1, 2016, Jennifer assumed the role of Member Relations Manager. She brings to this role a passion for the sector as well as enthusiasm for the potential of OCA, and works with our members to address how we can better serve their needs.

Jennifer also served as the Regional Program Co-ordinator, working alongside the Co-operative Development Manager to oversee and execute the deliverables of a two-year Ontario Trillium grant (2016 - 2018) aimed at creating new co-operatives and strengthening regional capacity and collaborations. In this role, she co-ordinated the activities of six regional managers across the province.

Jennifer is a graduate of the Fundamentals of Co-operative Organizations Program from the Schulich School of Business. She pursued a post-secondary education in the non-profit sector and graduated from the Human Services Administration (Non-Profit Management) Program at Sheridan College. She has worked in administrative roles for a number of different non-profits both locally and internationally, and feels fortunate that her career has led her to the co-operative sector. 

While traveling and working abroad, Jennifer gained a variety of work and life experiences (and a husband) along the way. She is also a proud mother of two young boys. 

Contact Jennifer Ross at [email protected] or at ext. 22