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Carol Fleming

Director, Co-operative Young Leaders

Carol Fleming has worked in the co-operative system for many years. She has held various positions working in credit unions, the provincial central and CUETS. Most recently, she was the Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at Momentum Credit Union. Carol’s expertise in communication, training, financial counseling and coaching has been instrumental in helping the credit union meet their corporate goals, and helping members meet their personal and financial goals.

Carol joined OCA in 2019. One of the most rewarding aspects of her career has been the opportunity to work with the CYL program as a camp Facilitator, where she had the opportunity to bring back to her co-operative the insight needed to meet the needs of its youth members, as well as a better understanding of leadership, and a renewed sense of how important and relevant the co-operative principles are in today’s world.

Carol is married and lives in Hamilton where she enjoys spending time with her family, working to help her community and travelling. 

Contact Carol Fleming at [email protected] or at ext. 25