The Support Staff

(From left to right: Jennifer Ross, Kerr Smith and Audrey Aczel)


The Directors' Forum staff report to the Executive Committee and work for the Directors' Forum through independent contracts:

  • Audrey Aczel works closely with the Executive to plan and execute the annual conference. She has many years of event planning experience, and brings her passion for organizing conferences, receptions, banquets and fundraisers, to her role as the Directors' Forum Manager. She has been employed in the Ontario co-operative sector since 2007. 
  • Jennifer Ross oversees the registration process for the Forum, and provides onsite support during the conference. She also has many years of experience working within the Ontario co-operative and non-profit sectors, and contributes her keen attention to detail to help make the annual conference a success. She has been employed in the co-operative sector since 2009.
  • Kerr Smith provides graphic design services for the Forum. He has been employed in the Ontario co-operative sector since 2010.


The Ontario Co-operative Association (OCA) has an annual contract with the Directors' Forum, to provide them with a variety of support services including:

  • hosting and maintaining the DF website
  • participating in meetings of the Executive and preparing the meeting minutes
  • supporting the financial administration of the DF
  • participating in the research and development of topics and sourcing guest speakers for the conference
  • preparing the required materials for the DF's Annual General Meeting
  • supporting the organization of the annual Banquet & Fundraiser
  • raising awareness for and promoting the benefits of director participation in the annual conference through various communication media (i.e., developing and distributing the "DF Advisor" newsletter, as well as the DF Facebook and Twitter feeds and pages)

OCA is a separate entity from the DF, and does not benefit in any way from any of the sponsorship raised by or for the Directors' Forum.