Sponsoring CYL is an investment in youth and in your co-operative or credit union - so make it part of your organization's youth engagement strategy!

Your support allows us to provide youth with valuable life and career skills, while gaining important knowledge about the co-operative sector. In return, sponsors can gain the loyalty and gratitude of their young members, while having the opportunity to work with participants and facilitators throughout the year. 

There are many ways to support the program, including sponsoring the program (in general), sponsoring a youth participant (or multiple participants), and sponsoring the facilitation training weekend.

We provide the following free resources you can use to promote your sponsorship, as well as to recruit participants and to engage youth in your organization:

For more information, contact Carol Fleming, Director, Co-operative Young Leaders. 


Thank you to all the organizations that have confirmed their support of the 2023 CYL program year!

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