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If you are looking for information on the Guide to the Ontario Co-operative Corporations Act, click here.


2010 Economic Impact Study Factsheet
2017 AGM Resolution to Support SDGs
2018 DF PP - Central 1 Credit Union Update
2018 DF PP - Co-ops & Credit Unions Collaborating for Success
2018 DF PP - Culture...A Game Changer?
2018 DF PP - Cybersecurity - Not Just and IT Issue
2018 DF PP - Highlights & Takeaways
2018 DF PP - Open Forum - Diversity & Succession
2018 DF Sessions & Speaker Bios
2018 Queen's Park Reception Sponsors & Donors
2019 CYL Facilitators
2019 CYL Sponsors
2019 DF AGM Agenda
2019 DF AGM Package
2019 DF Event Program
2019 DF media release
2019 DF Speaker Bios
2019 Economic Impact Study Infographic
2019 Economic Impact Study on Co-operatives - Full Report
2019 QP Reception Highlights
2019 QP Reception Sponsors & Donors
2019 Queen's Park Reception media release
2019 Updates to Ontario's Act
2020 DF Sponsorship Opportunities
2020 Pre-Budget Consultation speech
2020-2021 Annual Report
2021 AGM Package
2021 Co-operative Spirit Award Recipients Media Release
2021 DF Board Nomination package
2021 DF Cancellation Policy NEW
2021 DF Conference Teaser
2021 DF Young Director Bursary Application
2021 DF Young Director Bursary Application
2021 DFC AGM Agenda
A New Offer of Specilaized Support for more than 1,500 Ontario Co-ops
A4E Award 2014 media release
A4E Financial Booklet - web vs
A4E: Co-operatives and Credit Unions 101 PPT
Adapting to meet system needs focus of Virtual Governance Series
AGM Virtual Procedures - Sept. 22, 2020
All 4 Each: A Unit to Inspire a Co-operative Conscience (web)
Article by G. Wilson - After COVDI-19
Article on Co-operative Business Succession
Article: How Diversity Defeats Groupthink
Audits for Ontario Co-ops
Bernie Daly Memorial Fund Application
Best Kept Sectret and Create Your Own Co-op Together
Best Practices for Co-operative Businesses
Bio - Anthony Piscitelli
Bio - Kathy Stewart
Bio - Ken Chan
Bio - Leo Racette
Bio - Tanya Gracie
Bio - Tim Foster
Board profile - Chris Caners
Board profile - Hugh Nelson
Board Profile - Jennifer Woodhouse
Board profile - Jordan Moat
Board Profile - Julie Breuer
Board profile - Maureen Gillespie
Board profile - Maya Linsley
Board profile - Shylah Wolfe
Board profile - Terri Naylor
Business Plan Workbook
Call for Resolutions
Camino Co-op Week promo
Chair & ED Report - 2019-20 Annual Report
Changes to the Act: Acclamation of Directors
Changes to the Act: Electronic Members' Meetings
Changes to the Act: Non-Member Directors on the Board
Child Care Co-operatives
Choosing Charitable Status
Choosing Federal or Provincial Incorporation
CMC - Co-op Reserach Study Stats/Shareables
CMC FactSheet - Co-operatives in an Age of Uncertainty
CMC National Town Hall - Oct. 2020
Co-op Advocacy FactSheet
Co-op Business Succession Brochure - June 2020
Co-op Development Committee Terms of Reference
Co-op Feasibility Questionnaire
Co-op Network Toolkit
Co-op postcard - 7 Co-op Principles
Co-op postcard - Become a member
Co-op postcard - Co-op loyalty card
Co-op postcard - Co-ops are Awesome
Co-op postcard - Co-ops are member-owned
Co-op postcard - Co-ops Build a Better World
Co-op postcard - Co-ops by the numbers
Co-op postcard - Connecting Co-ops
Co-op postcard - Definition of co-operative
Co-op postcard - Don't be the same
Co-op postcard - Google search on co-operatives
Co-op postcard - People Planet Profit
Co-op postcard - Start, Grow, Connect Co-ops
Co-op postcard - Starting a Co-op?
Co-op postcard - Supporting Co-ops
Co-op postcard - Who we are
Co-op postcards - Co-op Principle 6
Co-op Self Assessment
Co-op Week Planning Toolkit
Co-operative Approach Key to Brewing Co-operative's Success
Co-operative Business Conversions
Co-operative Business Journal, August 2017 ed.
Co-operative Caucus now represents all four parties with addition of Green Party leader
Co-operative Spirit Award Recipient List
Co-operatives are Different from Business Corporations
Co-operatives are Different from Non-Profits
Co-ops and Sustainability at Forefront of Provincial Conference Agenda
Co-ops Call for Level Playing Field - March 2018
Co-ops key to building a nation of innovators
Collaboration and innovation keys to financial co-operative's groundbreaking new tool
Complete List of OCA FactSheets
Corporate Governance: Liability and Risk Management
Corporate Governance: Liability and Risk Management
CYL Announcement - October 2020
CYL Director Spotlight - Kerr Smith
CYL Director Spotlight - Sonja Carierre
CYL Director Spotlight - Sonja Carierre
CYL Donate QR Code
CYL Facilitator Code of Conduct
CYL Giving Tuesday Image
CYL logo - jpg no title
CYL logo with title - jpg
CYL Moves to Gay Lea's new Co-operative Education Centre
CYL Participant Code of Conduct
CYL Photo Release
CYL Testimonial - Paula Williams, DR
Delegate and Alternate Form
Developing a Co-operative
DF PPT on Mining the Co-op Advantage - Feb. 17, 2021
DF Registration Cancellation Policy
DF session Graphic Recording - May 19, 2021
DF Virtual Session one-pager - Feb. 17, 2021
DF Virtual Session one-pager - Jan. 20, 2021
DF Virtual Session one-pager - March 10, 2021
DF Virtual Session one-pager - Nov. 10
DF Virtual Session PPT - March 10, 2021
DF Virtual Session PPT - Sept. 28
Directions to Queen's Park
Director's Corner - Carol Fleming
Directors' Forum By-laws - Nov. 2020 ed.
Directors' Forum Logo
Directors' Liability and Indemnity
Duty of Care & Safety Guidelines
Economic Impact of Ontario Co-operatives
Education Committee Terms of Reference
Executive Summary for Director Discussion 1- June 2, 2020
Executive Summary for Director Discussion 2 - June 16, 2020
Executive Summary for Director Discussion 3 - June 30, 2020
Facilitator Brochure
FFF Brochure - Loan Clients August 2020
Finance Committee Terms of Reference
Financial Services Co-operatives
Financing a Co-operative
Five Tips for Effective Forum Discussions
Food and Farm Co-operatives
For Profit and Not-for-Profit Co-ops
FSRA PPT - October 16, 2020
FSRA Submission - High Risk Offering Statements
Glassworks Co-operative CoDesign Series - Jan/Feb 2021
GR Efforts of the ON CU sector - Oct. 2019 AGM
GR Priorities - Oct. 2019 AGM
Guide to the Ontario Co-op Corporations Act
Guided Learning Supporting Doc - Sample Board Meeting Agenda
Guided Learning: Sample Board Minutes
Guido Chezzi Bursasry Application
Hilton Cleanstay Guest Experience
Housing Co-operatives
How the Co-op Model Keeps Businesses Alive article - G&M
How To: Hold Effective Board Meetings
HR and COVID Webinar Presentation June 16, 2019
Human Resources Committee Terms of Reference
Innovative Co-ops
Job posting - Bread & Roses Co-op Homes
Job posting - Cole Road Co-operative Community
Kathy Stewart bio
Legal Comparison Co-ops v Private v Non-profit
Liability Waiver
Liberal MPP Introduces Private Members Bill
London Brewing MR - Nov. 26, 2019
Making Fundamental Changes
Making the Co-op Principles Work for You
Medi Release - Co-operatives develping resource to meet employment needs in rural Ontario
Media Release - Arise Architects Co-operative
Media Release - COVID Fund supports Ontario’s co-operative businesses in the wake of the pandemic
Media Release - DF 2019
Media Release - Dorothy Watson Honored with Gary Gillam Award
Media Release - Economic Impact of Co-operatives in Canada
Media Release - Elder Care in Ontario
Media Release - Fall Economic Statement
Media Release - Long Term Care
Member profile (full vs.) - USDC
Member profile - Ag Energy Co-op
Member Profile - Ag Energy Co-operative
Member profile - Brooke Telecom
Member profile - CCO
Member Profile - CED Co-operative
Member Profile - Central 1 Credit Union
Member Profile - CHF Canada, Ontario Region
Member profile - Common Ground Co-operative
Member Profile - Conestoga Meats
Member profile - CWCF
Member profile - Frontline Credit Union
Member Profile - Gay Lea Foods Co-operative
Member Profile - GROWMARK, Inc.
Member Profile - Hay Communicaions Co-operative
Member Profile - Hay Communications
Member profile - Iler Campbell LLP
Member Profile - KCCU
Member Profile - La Siembra
Member Profile - Libro Credit Union
Member Profile - LIFE Co-operative
Member Profile - OMIA
Member profile - PCPC
Member Profile - REFOCUS
Member Profile - SolarShare
Member profile - The Co-operators
Member Profile - The Co-operators
Member Profile - TREC
Member profile - USDC
Member Profile - Y'S Owl Maclure
Membership & Governance Committee Terms of Reference
Membership Information Package for Credit Unions
OCA Board and Committees - Apr. 2021 update
OCA Board Designation Package
OCA Board Nomination Package
OCA Committee Descriptions
OCA Corporate Brochure
OCA Logo
OCA Membership Application Package - March 2021
OCA Membership Benefits - March 2021
OCA new logo Guidelines
OCA Position Paper - 2019 Consultation
OCA Pre-budget Submission - Oct. 2020
OCA Receives Libro Prosperity Fund Grant
OCA Recipient of 2019 Libro Prosperity Grant
OCA Report -Conestoga Study 2020
OCA Sponsorship Package
ON CUDA Director Training - November 2021
Ontario Curriculum Links
Ontario worker co-operative helping province meet climate change targets one building at a time
Partnering with Government
Photo & Video Release
Plain language - Extention of Temporary Provisions to Dec. 31, 2021
Plain Language Co-operative Principles
Plain Language Regulations - Emergency Order March 17, 2020
PowerPoint - Building Relationships with Candidates
PPT - Jason Teal, Meridian Credit Union
PPT - Therese Hibbs, Libro Credit Union
PPT deck - June 21, 2021
PPT deck - May 19, 2021
PPT deck from CCUA - October 16, 2020
PPT deck from Central 1 - October 16, 2020
PPT deck from Sean Campbell - Jan. 20, 2021
Pre-budget Submission - Feb. 2021
Procedures for Virtual Participation
Provincial association pilots new education program directed at youth
Quadro Communications Co-operative
Registration Cancellation Policy
Renewable Energy Co-operatives
Renewable Energy Co-ops Providing Local Solutions to Climate Change
Royal City Housing Co-op job posting - August 2021
Sample CYL notice for your newsletter
Script to invite your MPP to QP Reception
Seven Steps to Recruiting CYL Participants
Sharing Like We Mean It Report - web
Small co-operative innovating northern Ontario's food distribution system
Social co-operatives emerging as innovative solution providers to province’s care needs
Spirit Awards Nomination Form
Spirit Awards Nomination Package
Spring 2020 QP Events Sponsorship flyer
Standing Cmte. on Finance - Dec. 2019
Starting a Co-op Guide
Succession Planning
Summary - June 21, 2021 DF Breakout Session Notes
Support for co-ops during COVID-19
Teacher's Resource Guide 2020
Terms of Reference - All Committees
Thanks for your Donation!
The Warm Fuzzies Story
Tip sheet - Attributes of a Successful Co-op Advocate
Tip sheet - How to Write a One-page Advocacy Brief
Tip sheet - MPP Meeting Checklist
Tip sheet - Pitching your MPP: Tips for an Effective Meeting
Tip sheet - Shareable Facts about Ontario's Co-operative Sector
Tip sheet - Tips for Attending an All-Candidates Meeting
Tip sheet - Tips for Hosting a Queen's Park Reception
Tomorrow Needs Us/Co-op branding slide
Tricks and Traps of the Co-op Act PP
Tricks and Traps of the Co-op Act PP
Tuturial for Viewing 2019-20 Annual Report
Using Offering Statements to Raise Capital
Virtual AGM Procedures
What is a Co-operative?
Why is Co-op Education Important?
Worker Co-op Academy - May 2021
Worker Co-operatives
Working with Consultants
Youth camp embraces responsible use of technology