Regional Co-op Networks

OCA works hard to help build capacity for co-operatives in Ontario. One way we achieve this is through promoting and supporting the development of Regional Co-op Networks.

Joining and participating in a Co-op Network is always free, open and voluntary. It is a great way to be engaged and connected with co-operatives and credit unions in your community, while helping to raise the profile of your co-operative in the community. They can also provide local support and mentorship for new and emerging co-operatives, a common voice for a co-operative organization in municipal and provincial politics, cross-promotional opportunities, a "wider reach," as well as the opportunity to share in training and development costs.

The GTA Co-op Network and the Ottawa Co-op Network are great examples of what collaboration and co-operation can achieve in the community. If you are interested in joining or forming a Regional Co-op Network, contact us for more information and we'll help get you started!

You can also check out a Toolkit we developed in 2015 to help individuals and groups wanting to start or enhance a Co-op Network in their region.