We all have a responsibility to make DEI part of the foundation of our organizations, and therefore create and put policies in place that support it. Creating a workplace that is diverse, equitable and inclusive is integral to the future and success of the co-operative movement. It is our hope that the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) will officially adopt Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as the 8th Co-operative Principle.

Over the course of a year, our "From Principle to Practice: Co-Designing the Co-operative Sector of the Future" series will explore some of the key systemic barriers that currently exist for those wanting to develop – or those currently operating - a co-operative, and how we can collectively overcome them through the creation of practices and policies that will ultimately make our businesses and the co-operative sector more inclusive.

The interactive workshop series is being developed in partnership with the Inclusive Design Research Centre, and will facilitated by experts in the DEI space. We encourage OCA Members, as well as your organization's leaders and decision-makers to participate.

Workshop dates are coming soon! 

In order to engage experts and consultants in the field, we are looking for the support of our members in the form of a small sponsorship. Please consider our Sponsorship Proposal and let us know if you can help. And please take a moment to check out the amazing member organizations that have confirmed their sponsorship below!

Please note that this page is designed to serve as a resource hub for our members, containing useful information, tools and events related to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (we will add new content as it becomes available). OCA does not intend to present itself as being an expert on this topic. Rather, we are looking to collaborate with individuals, groups and consultants - both within and outside of the co-operative sector - to compile useful resources and produce webinars, creating a safe space for people to talk about inclusivity. Please feel free to contact us with your recommendations for resources to include and potential consultants we many be able to contact at [email protected].

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