Participant Registration

Thank you for your interest in becomg a participant at CYL 2019!

Dates for camp: Please review the dates and age ranges for program weeks before registering. 

Registration deadline: We have extended the June 15, 2019 deadline as there are still some spots avialable. 

Registration Information: The CYL program requires that all participants have a sponsor from within the co-operative system. Please refer to our website for funding and bursary opportunities, or contact Carol Fleming at [email protected] for more information.

Before completing the registration below, please read the Participant Code of Conduct. You will be asked to agree to the statements made in this document during this registration process.  

You will also need the following documents/information ready:

1. Name and contact details for sponsor co-op/credit union
2. Health Card number
3. Physician's name and phone number
4. Two emergency contacts (name and phone number for both)
5. Dietary, allergy and medical information

CYL 2019 Participant Registration

1 Participant Information 2 Sponsor Information 3 Medical Information 4 Acknowledgement 5 Review & Submit