Our Organization

OCA is a non-profit co-operative that was originally formed in 1989 as CCA Ontario Region, and officially incorporated in 2002. We are one of nine provincial associations that serve English-speaking co-operatives and co-op member organizations across Canada and that are linked through a national committee - the Council of Regional Executives (CORE).

We support individuals and groups wanting to build new or develop established co-operative businesses. We provide co-operatives with support and services in the areas of business development, advocacy and education, and create opportunities to unite, collaborate and celebrate as ONE voice and movement. By encouraging co-operatives to connect, work and act as a co-ordinated group, we strive to build a higher profile with the public, government and with each other.

Why We Matter

By promoting and raising awareness of co-operatives in the province as well as supporting their development, OCA helps to improve the lives of Ontarians. Co-operatives enable people to set up the products and services that they need, provide jobs, and contribute to the social and economic well-being of the communities in which they reside, thereby providing a better standard of living overall. We believe in and exist to help BUILD A BETTER ONTARIO. Our membership is comprised of like-minded organizations whose support provides us with the resources to develop and strengthen the co-operative community.

Check out all the amazing things we were able to accomplish with the support of our membership in 2019! 

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our mission is to develop, support, educate and advocate for Ontario's 1,500+ co-operative businesses. 

Our vision is an Ontario where co-operatives contribute to the sustainable growth and development of our communities, and to the overall social, economic and environmental well-being of the province. We believe that co-operatives, together, build a better world.

Our core values are based on the relationships that we cultivate and the community that we serve. Our community is broadly based and includes our members, board directors, staff, partners, stakeholders, volunteers, affiliates, as well as government funding agencies and other national co-operative support organizations. We are highly committed to the values of people and community, education and innovation, collaboration and sustainability, and professional service.

Our Mandate is ...

  1. To be the voice of co-operatives in Ontario, which we accomplish through both our government relations and public relations initiatives.
  2. To promote the co-operative principles, which we accomplish through co-operative education, member relations, and communications
  3. To facilitate co-operative solutions, which we accomplish by offering co-operative development support services, creating opportunities for sector-specific collaborations and by connecting co-operatives.

Learn more about us...

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