Our Membership


OCA exists to strengthen and unite the co-operative movement in Ontario. We believe that co-operatives are the solution to creating stronger communities, which help to build a better world.

Our members are organizations that believe in the co-operative principles and are invested in the future of the movement. With their commitment, we are able to deliver co-operative education, advocacy, networks, tools and resources, that support the success and sustainability of all Ontario co-operatives and the movement as a whole.

Our membership is constituted of over 70 organizations that represent diverse business sectors including: agriculture, finance, insurance, energy, childcare, housing, transportation, worker, consumer and social co-ops, co-operative associations and federations, as well as sector stakeholders and partners. Through our membership, we represent approximately 85% of English-speaking co-operatives in Ontario. 

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We want our members to be proud of their affiliation with OCA, and to help us raise the profile of Ontario's co-operatives! If you are a member, please include the following statement and our logo on your corporate website, and/or as part of the boiler statement on your organization's media releases. Click to find out how you can get a copy of our logo and its usage guidelines.