There are a few easy ways to find any incorporated co-operative business in Ontario!


All Co-ops in Ontario

For an extensive listing of co-ops, credit unions and mutuals in Ontario (and across Canada), search the Cooperation Across Canada Map administered by Co-operative and Mutuals Canada. You can search by name, city, province, sector and type. This search is best used to find the address and website of any co-op head office in Ontario.

Housing Co-ops in Canada

For a listing of non-profit Housing Co-ops in Ontario (and across Canada), the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada has a listing. You can search by province, region, city, name and postal code. This search is best used to find the most up to date contact inforamtion for most non-profit housing co-operatives in Canada.

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Below is a map of all Members of the Ontario Co-operative Association.