Guide to the Co-op Act

Ontario’s Co-operative Corporations Act defines what a co-operative is and dictates how they must operate. However, because the Act is legislation written by parliamentarians and lawyers, it uses specialized terms that can be confusing to people outside the legal profession. That is why OCA has written a Guide to the Act — to present the requirements of the Act in plain, accessible language.

The Guide is comprehensive and explains the details of the Act, including advice about the procedures and protocols that define the operations of co-operatives, along with comments on how certain provisions may be used. It includes all recent changes to the Act and Regulation 178 and is available in a searchable e-version (PDF format). The Guide is available in English only. 



Member** – $10.00 + HST
MOMO** – $12.50 + HST
Non-member – $15.00 + HST


**DISCOUNTS FOR OCA MEMBERS: Most Anglophone credit unions and co-operatives in Ontario are either direct dues-paying members of OCA (such as The Co-operators, Ag Energy, Gay Lea Foods, London Brewing Co-op or Community CarShare), or indirect members by being part of a federation that is a member of OCA (i.e., MOMO). MOMO pricing is available for the co-operative organizations that belong to member federations including Central 1, CHF Canada, CWCF, GROWMARK, Inc., PCPC, OMIA and CCO.


You can order your copy of the Guide by completing the form below or by contacting us at  1.888.745.5521 x 27

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OCA has a number of additional FactSheets pertaining to the Act for your reference, which you can access in the Tools & Resources section, including:

  • 2009 Changes to the Co-operative Corporations Act
  • Changes to the Ontario's Act: Electronic Member Meetings
  • Changes to the Ontario's Act: Non-Member Directors on the Board
  • Changes to the Ontario's Act: Acclamation of Directors

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