Being a volunteer facilitator at CYL is an incredible professional development opportunity, and a chance to further your own leadership and communication skills by engaging the minds and hearts of the next generation of co-operative leaders. 

MUST LOVE CO-OPS! We're looking for people with a passion for the co-operative movement, to make sure that the principles remain at the heart of our program.

NO FACILITATION EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! We welcome fresh, new ideas, tried and tested wisdom, and everything in between. Our series of training workshops will help prepare you.

BRING YOUR CREATIVITY! With our course materials as a foundation, we welcome your own creative input to make the program shine.

BE THE CHANGE! Our programs help facilitators improve their confidence, increase their leadership initiative, and ignite their passion for the sector. They aren't just teachers; they're students too! 




To to Register for Explorer A, Trailblazers or Visionaries, CLICK HERE


To Register for Explorer B (Gay Lea Facilitators) CLICK HERE 


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