The Executive

(From left to right: Pauline Wainwright, Stephen McDermott, Kathy Stewart, Tim Foster, Anthony Piscitelli, Tanya Gracie)


The DF Executive is comprised of six volunteers who are also directors of an Ontario credit union. At the last AGM, both Tim Foster and Tanya Gracie were acclaimed. The 2018-2019 committee includes:


The mission of the Directors' Forum Executive Committee is to recognize, promote and support the role of credit union and caisse populaire Directors through the provision of education, professional development, and networking opportunities.

We achieve this mission by:

  • Holding an annual conference dedicated to celebrating the role of the director through the provision of both educational and professional development sessions.
  • Recognizing long-serving directors who have demonstrated their commitment to the credit union movement through their years of dedication and volunteer service to one or more Ontario credit unions or caisses populaires
  • Recognizing and supporting new directors and emerging leaders in the credit union system
  • Supporting director education and training programs, such as Credit Union Director Achievement (CUDA)
  • Providing no-charge venues for credit union or co-operative charitable foundations at our annual conference

As two of our Executive Directors' terms are up in 2019, there will be a call for nominations for anyone interested in joining the committee. Download the Nomination Form and Package and return it by the September 13, 2019 deadline. Please note that the Directors' Forum no longer accepts nominations from the floor during the election.

Learn more about the obligations of the Executive Committee!