CYL Alumni Sign-up

The Co-operative Young Leaders program has been a significant part of the Ontario Co-operative Association since its inception in 1967. Each year, we are fortunate enough to gather nearly 100 participants and facilitators at CYL. After your time at camp is over, we don’t want the impact and memories to end – The CYL Alumni Group is going to keep the fun going!

This group has the ultimate goal of helping you make new connections, lasting memories and form relationships with other people from the co-operative sector. Even if your experience at CYL was short, you are all still connected to the co-operative values and principles.

By creating an alumni group, we can help you grow and foster relationships between one another and provide you with some valuable resources. You will have the opportunity to learn from the unique experiences you had in the co-operative sector and beyond.

The alumni group will also provide you with the opportunity to work together to teach others about the significance of the Co-operative Young Leaders program, and more importantly, about the co-operative sector.

Please join the alumni group by filling out the registration form below. We can’t wait to see how this group grows and develops with your involvement!