The All 4 Each (A4E) Co-ops in Classrooms program works with all levels of the Ontario education system to generate opportunities for students to investigate co-operative enterprises and related career opportunities. OCA has developed projects, materials and curriculum to engage young people in the critical exploration of a variety of sectors – private, non-profit, co-operative, etc. – to help students identify the best fit for their interests and ambitions.


If you are interested in introducing the co-operative business model to your students, we have a lot of resources for you. We have identified areas of the Ontario business curriculum where our resources best fit.

To get started, we have created a video for students that explains the co-operative business model and has an accompanying worksheet.

Once you have provided an introduction to the co-operative business model, there are many more resources available if your students would like to explore the model further.

If you would like more information or resources please reach out to us! We would love nothing more than to be a part of your class’ co-operative journey.

Michelle Christmann
Education Manager
Ontario Co-operative Association
[email protected]

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