This page contains resources and information to help you learn more about how co-operatives will re-build the economy equitably and sustainably.

As the provincial association that develops, supports, educates, advocates and catalyzes collaboration between co-operative businesses, our vision is an Ontario where co-operatives and credit unions contribute to the sustainable growth and development of our communities. 


50,000 new and affordable ownership homes in Ontario over the next 10 years:

The Ontario Co-operative Association and Home Opportunities Non-Profit Corporation are working with the province's largest credit unions to build 50,000 new ownership and rent-to-own homes in Ontario over the next 10 years without the need for grants, subsidies, tax write-offs or government handouts. The homes will be accessible to families with incomes beginning at $35,000 per year. Many of these homes can be modular and built locally - creating jobs, boosting the local economy and reducing the seasonality of home construction.

Learn more about the OCA/Home Opportunities affordable home strategy here.

Affordable rental housing secured for future generations:

Over 200,000 households in Ontario are on social housing waitlists, and over 735,000 households are in core housing need. In Toronto, just 0.2% of private market rental housing is affordable to the 20% of lowest income rental households. Building new co-op and non-profit rental housing will maximize public investment by keeping rents affordable in perpetuity and maintaining affordable options for future generations. 

Learn more here.  

Seniors will stay at home longer with an integrated, worker owned Personal Support Worker co-operative network:

Personal Support Workers in Ontario are working together to form worker-owned businesses to support seniors as they age in place. PSW co-operatives ensure workers are paid a fair wage, have agency over their working conditions and schedule and take full responsibility for the level of care they deliver as owners of the business.

Banks will reach their mandatory ESG targets early with greater access to renewable energy:

As banks and other financial institutions begin to collect climate risk and emissions data from their clients, both banks and Canadian businesses will be looking for climate solutions to lower emmissions. Renewable energy co-operatives in communities across Ontario have the ability to generate renewable energy, conduct energy efficiency retrofits on buildings, develop infrastructure for EV charging stations and provide other carbon reduction services.

Learn more about the regulatory changes required to improve access to renewable energy here.

Hundreds of new childcare spaces will be created through a worker ownership model for daycare:

A worker-owner childcare co-operative model will address the issues of worker burnout and high turnover through a structure that gives childcare workers the ability to design a childcare centre and a work environment that addresses their needs. This will lead to greater levels of worker satisfaction and care as well as a more sustainable childcare model.


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the landscape for many co-operative businesses and, in some cases, has created new opportunities for co-operatives. However, businesses wanting to utilize the co-operative model to increase community ownership and improve the economic outlook for Ontario are up against capitalization exemption limits set more than 25 years ago.

The modernization of regulations currently governing co-operative businesses is required. The current Offering Statement exemption limits have not been reviewed since 1995 and are inadequate for co-operatives to raise the money they need in order to capitalize their businesses. The members of the Ontario Co-operative Association are asking for a fivefold increase to the exemption limits to account for inflation, and the countless changes to business capitalization over the past twenty five years. Please take a moment to read our brief report by clicking the button below.

Background on Offering Statement Limits



MPPs are invited to join the Co-op Caucus, which was created in 2015 as part of the Ontario Co-operative Association’s strategy to build and strengthen relationships at Queen’s Park, while working towards legislative changes that support the development and growth of the Ontario co-operative sector. Learn more about the Caucus, or contact us for information.




Click on the image above to take a sneek peek at our new interactive map, recently launched as part of our ON Board program, to help new employees working in co-operatives and credit unions learn about the greater co-operative community! (The login password will be provided to you upon request via email).