There are several ways you can become more educated in all things co-operative, in both an academic and non-academic setting! Looking for a great space to host a workshop, conference or board/staff retreat? Look no further than the Co-operative Education Centre near Aylmer ON!



1. Sobey School of Business, International Centre for Co-operative Management, St. Mary's University. Master the co-operative enterprise model! If you are planning your career, organizational succession or leadership development, these Master's level business programs are designed to meet the growing demands of co-operative and credit union managers. From marketing to human resources, co-operatives have an opportunity to take unique approaches that optimize this business model. The right education means doing business differently in a way that elevates co-operatives and credit unions to stand out.

Each year, 25 seats are opened for co-operative professionals to join the ranks of some of the most innovative and creative leaders in the co-operative system. Join new, stimulating conversations. Build your business skills. Meet other keen co-operators from around the world. Get exposed to new solutions to current issues. Saint Mary's is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and offers online, part-time education for working co-operative professionals:

  • Master of Management, Co-operatives and Credit Unions (3 years, includes 10-day co-operative study tour to Spain)
  • Graduate Diploma in Co-operative Management (20 months)
  • Certificate in Co-operative Management (10 months)
Visit them online to learn more about these opportunities, or contact Erin Hancock at [email protected] or at 902-802-7897 to discuss your options.

2. The Canadian Centre for the Study of Co-operatives, University of Saskatchewan. This program is designed for people from any educational or professional background who are working professionals and/or want to upgrade their skills or transition into a Master's program. Courses are available online and in-person, and can be completed in nine months of study. Visit them online to learn more.


  • ACE Co-operative Educators NETWORK. A hub for educational resources and materials for teaching and learning about co-operative enterprises. Learn more.
  • Co-opZone's online training program on co-operative development. The introductory course is appropriate for people interested in understanding the types and roles of co-operatives and the basic co-op development process, but who will not be active developers, and the advanced level is designed for people who seek to provide full development services to co-operatives. Learn more.
  • CCUA® Education. Whether you are a learning and development professional looking for development opportunities for your credit union staff, a credit union employee looking to grow your career, or a director sitting on a credit union board, they have something for you. Learn more.