Co-op Governance

Being a director or officer of a co-operative is a big responsibility, as they are expected to contribute their time, skills and energy to an organization in their role as director. They are also expected to make decisions in the best interest of the co-operative, and to make those decisions in good faith while adhering to a certain standard of conduct and care. 

But directors can be held liable for their decisions, and even if they are acting in good faith and in the best interests of the co-operative, it is possible for a claim to be made against them. A legally incorporated co-operative can provide a measure of protection for directors and officers by stating in their By-laws that they will be "indemnified" if legal challenges arise, and a co-operative is advised to purchase Directors' and Officers' Liability insurance coverage. View our FactSheet on Director's Liability and Indemnity to learn more about this. 





The governance of a co-operative is different from that of corporate governance. Co-operative-centric governance training and education is both a need and requirement, and OCA has developed programming and training opportunities for our Members and affiliates. Contact us if your organization would benefit from governance training, to learn how we can assist you.

Co-op Governance Seminars

In the spring of 2019, OCA partnered with Gay Lea Foods Co-operative to host two all-day seminars on "Leadership in Governance: Roles & Responsibilities of Directors, Boards and Management." 

Best Practices for Co-operative Businesses

On April 25, 2018, OCA partnered with Lerners LLP to host a seminar in Guelph ON, to share best practices for governing a co-operative. OCA Members and Non-Members received some excellent legal advice from two lawyers who have special expertise in co-operatives. Check out their presentations below: