Board Chairs' Network


The Board Chairs' Network is a brand new initiative of the Directors' Forum, that launched in December 2018!

All current Board Chairs of an Ontario credit union or caisses populaires received an email notification with the login information required to join the Network. While it is designed for Chairs, Vice-Chairs are also welcome to join. If interested, please contact us.

The Network is an extention of the Board Chairs' session that takes place annually at the Directors' Forum. Its primary objective is to have a space where Board Chairs can support each other in their unique roles, but having a platform to communicate and share ideas and resources with one another, throughout the year. 

Chairs are encouraged to participate and engage with the site and one another - and to suggest and even drive discussions on topics that they are passionate about. We hope they will find great value in this tool, and ultimately help strengthen their roles, their organizations, and the system as a whole.

Once you've logged into the site, please update your personal settings so you can prevent notifications from going into your spam, and set the frequency of your notifications (daily, weekly, etc.). Click for details

Please feel free to contact us with your questions and concerns!




The Directors' Forum would like to thank CCUA/Cusource for developing and hosting the site and for covering half the cost of the annual licencing fees, and Alterna Savings for sponsoring the remaining cost of the first years' licensing fees! 


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