Become a CYL Sponsor!


Now that you've learned about the awesomeness that is CYL, we could not run the program without our amazing sponsors!

Sponsor support allows us to provide youth with valuable life and career skills, while gaining important knowledge about co-operatives, and enabling them to become tomorrow's leaders in co-operatives and credit unions. In return, sponsors can gain the loyalty and gratitude of their young members, while having the opportunity to work with their young members throughout the year.

This summer, Ontario co-operatives and credit unions will give over 100 youth a chance to attend CYL. There are many ways to support the program through a sponsorship. For more information, contact Carol Fleming, CYL Director - and check out the Seven Steps to Recruiting CYL Participants!



Marketing Resources for Sponsors:

Check out all the amazing organizations that are supporting the 2020 CYL Program here!