Associate Members

Who are our Associates?

Our Associates are service providers such as lawyers, accountants, insurance agents, credit unions, consultants and contractors that contribute their expertise to the co-operative movement by offering their products or services to co-operatives and credit unions. They are familiar with what makes co-operatives different and want to see the movement succeed. 

Why become an Associate?

The co-operative sector is growing, but there is still a lack of awareness. Co-operatives are a different type of business model, and sometimes need a different type of service. We need more service providers that understand the unique challenges facing co-operatives, and can help more of them start, grow and thrive.   

What you can contribute to the movement

Whether you are an experienced lawyer or a new bookkeeping firm, your willingness to tailor your services to include co-operatives can be a huge draw to our members. Co-operatives often have the added worry of having to explain their unique business structure to their service provider, before they can get the help they require. As a co-op friendly service provider, you can offer that much needed understanding and support to the movement.

What you get as an Associate of OCA

We will promote you through our Co-op Service Provider page, newsletter and social media channels. You will be listed on our website with your logo, contact details and a brief write-up on what you do. Our membership, and the whole co-operative sector can browse to find the service provider they need and connect with you directly for assistance. 

If you are new to offering your service to the co-operative sector, we also offer onboarding or refresher sessions on topics such as Co-ops 101, how to incorporate, and the differences between co-operatives and other types of businesses.

Throughout the year, we also hold conferences, webinars, events and networking opportunities, where you can further promote your product or service to our membership and beyond. 

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