The Annual General Meeting is an opportunity for all members of the Directors' Forum to exercise their democratic right to vote on issues that are presented during the business meeting, as well as to elect the members of the Board of Directors. Every paid registrant who has paid the $2 membership fee (effective 2021) has the right to vote at the AGM, even if there is more than one delegate from the same credit union or caisse populaire present. There is no additional cost to attend the AGM and members are automatically able to participate when they are officially registered for the Forum. 

The AGM usually opens the annual conference and includes the:

  • Chair's welcome and report
  • Treasurer's report of the financial statements from the previous year
  • Election to the Board of Directors
  • In Memoriam (to honour those directors who have passed on since the previous AGM)
  • Long Term Service Awards ceremony (to recognize long-serving Directors)
  • New or Arising Business

2021 Annual General Meeting Highlights

An in-person and/or virtual AGM was held on Friday, November 26, 2021 from 8:00 - 9:00am EST

There were four seats available on the Board of Directors, as the terms for Anthony Piscitelli, Kathy Stewart, Tanya Gracie and Tim Foster were up. The Board received exactly four nominations, and therefore the frollowing four directors were acclaimed:

  • Anthony Piscitelli for a two-year term
  • Kathy Stewart for a two-year term
  • Tanya Gracie for a three-year term
  • Grégoire Lefebvre for a three-year term

Learn more about them here

The Board said goodbye to retiring Director Tim Foster, who has served on the Executive and Board since 2012. They also recognized the contributions of seven long-serving Directors wiht a Long-Term Service Award. Check out the recipients here!