Additional Board Information

From left to right: Grégoire Lefebvre, Kathy Stewart, Anthony Piscitelli, Tanya Gracie, Ken Chan and Leo Racette


As a co-operative, the Directors' Forum mission is to recognize, promote and support the role of credit union and caisse populaire Directors through the provision of education, professional development and networking opportunities. 

The current (2021-22) Board is comprised of six volunteers who are either current directors of an Ontario credit union, or have had experience as a director of an Ontario credit union. Below are the credit unions they represent, as well as their positions and terms on the DFC Board.


Leo Racette Sudbury Credit Union Chair Term expires 2022
Ken Chan Alterna Savings & Credit Union  Director Term expires 2022
Kathy Stewart Frontline Credit Union Treasurer Term expires 2023
Tanya Gracie Your Credit Union Director Term expires 2024
Grégoire Lefevbre Caisse Alliance Director Term expires 2024
Anthony Piscitelli Your Neighbourhood Credit Union Director Term expires 2023


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