The next provincial election takes place on Thursday, June 2, 2022 and OCA is on a mission to spread the word about the difference that co-operatives make in Ontario's communities, and to improve Ontario’s co-operative regulations to encourage co-operative business development. 

We are asking our members to help us build awareness and advocate for an improved legislative environment for all co-operatives. To do this, we have created an Advocacy toolkit and interactive guide to help you engage candidates leading up to and during the election period. Learn more about our strategy and available resources below!


Our goal during this election period is to engage the candidates and communicate the value of the co-operative model. We will be primarily using social media to engage and communicate with candidates.

On educational posts, OCA will use the hashtag #AllTogetherNow and we encourage you to use the same hashtag on your election social media posts, or any posts about your co-operative or the value of the co-operative sector in Ontario. Please share OCA’s posts with your networks and tag your candidates!

OCA’s educational posts, videos, reels and stories will include:

  • Fun examples of co-operation in the community
  • Amazing stories of co-operatives at work improving Ontario
  • Explanations of the co-operative model and how Ontario is better when we co-operate
  • Co-operative ideas for the future

We will also be speaking directly to candidates either through social media, at events and in meetings. We have various calls to action for candidates.

Through social media we are challenging candidates to find a co-operative in their riding and post a picture with a member using the hashtags #AllTogetherNow and #ISupportCoops. There is a handy list of co-ops and candidates organized by riding linked below.

When OCA is meeting with key candidates, we are going to ask them to join our Ontario Co-operative Caucus, a group of MPPs from all parties that meets throughout the year to advance co-operative opportunities within government. We will also be asking for increases to Offering Statement exemption limits (more linked below).


If you have any content to share with OCA, please send us your videos, photos and stories to [email protected].

When you post your own good news stories and ideas for a better Ontario, please tag us @ONcooperatives and use the hashtag #AllTogetherNow. We are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. OCA will share your posts throughout our networks and tag your MPP and the candidates in your riding.

Feel free to comment, like and share our stories.

If you have any specific advocacy needs you hope to highlight during the election with your local representatives and would like the support of OCA, please reach out to Erin Morgan at [email protected]


Here is a list of resources we hope you will use when developing your own election messaging: