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CYL is an investment in youth, and in the future of your co-op or credit union. The benefits of developing leadership and communication skills within your co-op's youth will benefit both your co-op and your members 52 weeks of the year! Make CYL part of your organization's youth engagement strategy.

This summer, Ontario credit unions and co-ops will give about 170 young people a chance to attend Co-operative Young Leaders. CYL is a partnership between On Co-op and the province's co-ops and credit unions, and is funded almost completely through registration fees and sponsorships. There are three types of sponsorships available: Participant, Corporate and General.

PARTICIPANT SPONSORSHIP: Any co-operative or credit union, independently or with another organization, association, alliance or federation may sponsor one or more participants to Co-operative Young Leaders, or make a financial contribution to the program. Most organizations build the amount into their annual budgets as part of their youth engagement strategy, and also designate a staff representative to monitor the program and to interact with their participants throughout the year.

CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP:  Sponsor one week of CYL, the creation, purchase or printing of CYL resources, the facilitator professional development program, and other aspects of CYL.  Talk to On Co-op's CYL Program Co-ordinator to learn about the possibilities.

GENERAL SPONSORSHIP: On Co-op seeks your financial or human support 12 months of the year. Talk to us to find out how your support matters!


Sponsor support allows today's youth to learn valuable skills and gain important knowledge about the Co-operative sector, enabling them to become tomorrow's leaders in co-ops and credit unions. Sponsors also gain the loyalty and gratitude of their young members, and have the opportunity to work with their young members throughout the year - CYL is NOT just a one week program!!

Every session of CYL builds on the one previously. Many organizations consider CYL as a relationship-building tool between themselves and their young people. If you sponsor the same young people for all three years of CYL, you have a greater chance of developing a long term relationship with them. If you are able to send more than one young person a year, we suggest always sending at least one new Junior participant, as well as a returning participant. Our Sponsors' roles in empowering young people is an investment that will continue to pay dividends for many years!


On Co-op has material available to help with promotion. Our CYL Marketing Package includes a lot of helpful tips and even sample text for your newsletters and communications. We have also included a selection of high-resolution photos and a CYL logo for your organization to download.
The CYL participant brochure is a great promotional tool, and the Facilitator Brochure can introduce your organization to the benefits of being a Facilitator. If you want something a little more visual see our Prezi, or visit our online CYL album.There are many ways your organization can become involved with this award-winning youth initiative. However, potential participants and their families won't know about CYL and your involvement unless you tell them, so be sure to do some marketing to support your efforts. Better yet, get your CYL graduates together early in the year and have them help YOU market CYL.

On Co-op and CYL thank our Sponsors and Key Partners.

CYL is almost totally funded through participant fees, participant sponsors and corporate sponsorships. Your contributions make this program possible.


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