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Co-op e-Learning Courses

Live Your Life, and still have time for Co-op Learning

The co-operative business model has been around since the nineteenth century, but co‑operative knowledge is always evolving. Covering everything from co-operative fundamentals to best practices for particular sectors, Co-op e-Learning Courses are ideal for everyone from new co-operators to senior management.

If you would like to register for an e-Learning course please contact Jennifer Ross [email protected] or 519-763-8271 x 22.


  • On Co-op’s self-directed e-courses are designed for those governing, leading, working in, or entering the co‑operative movement. On Co-op has developed this series of ten Co-op e-Learning Courses, providing you with targeted and topical information on a variety of co-operative subjects.
  • The Co-op e-Learning Courses offer a flexible learning schedule, allowing you to further your co-op knowledge at a time and a pace that meets YOUR needs. Once you register and receive your private link, you have 24/7 access from the comfort of your home or work computer. Review material and go back to past lessons at any time.
  • Components of each e-course vary, but may include readings, selections from printed books/articles, videos and self-directed exercises, quizzes or reflective assignments.
  • Each Co-op e-Learning course can be completed in about seven to ten hours, approximately 2-3 hours of which will be spent online. Courses can be taken in any combination or order, allowing you to tailor learning to your needs.
  • The courses and lessons are not moderated. Exercises and assignments are not graded but provide a method for students to self-evaluate their learning.
  • High speed internet access is recommended


  • Access to the online course(s) you have subscribed to through the LMS. 
  • Self-directed quizzes, reflective assignments and other methods of reinforcing your knowledge. Exercises are not moderated, and are for students to gauge their knowledge.
  • A printed course pack, including reading materials and other resources applicable far beyond the actual course. There is no extra charge for the course pack, and no shipping or handling fees when shipping to an Ontario mailing address.
  • Assistance in familiarization of the computerized learning environment.
  • The e-Learning courses and all materials/instructions/support are presented in English only.


1. The Co‑operative Context
2. The Legislative and Regulatory Framework
3. Governance, Management and Membership
4. Developing a Co‑operative
5. Financing Your Co‑operative

6. Agricultural Co‑operatives
7. Social, Health and Homecare Co‑operatives
8. Renewable Energy Co‑operatives
9. Local Economic Development and Co‑operatives
10. Child Care and Housing Co‑operatives

Course outlines for the 10 e-Learning modules can be accessed through the link at the right side of this page under the "downloads" section.


  • Special member price is $179 +HST for each course, non-member price is $229 +HST.  ** see definition of "member" below
  • Each student must also pay a $45 +HST learning management system access fee, which grants access to the computerized learning environment.  This LMS fee is payable only once per year per student, regardless of the number of e-Learning courses you individually register for.
  • Costs are per person, per course.
  • Inquiries regarding group or large volume purchases should be directed to [requires javascript] prior to online registration.
  • Refunds: Once your credit card has been processed, there are NO REFUNDS. Your card is not charged immediately when you register. You must reply to a confirmation email sent personally by a staff member of On Co-op.

**DISCOUNTS FOR THE ON CO-OP MEMBERSHIP: Most credit unions and co-operatives in Ontario are either direct dues-paying members of On Co-op (such as The Co-operators, Organic Meadow, Ag Energy, Gay Lea Foods or Community CarShare) or indirect members by being part of a federation that is a member of On Co-op.  Member federations include Central 1 Credit Union, CHF Canada, CWCF/OWCF, GROWMARK, Inc., OPPCEO and Ontario Student Co-operative Association. For a list of our current membership, see the link at the right of this page under "more information."


  • Alternatively you may contact Jennifer Ross, [email protected] or 519-763-8271 x 22 for more information.
  • You must register directly with On Co-op for each course you wish to take.
  • Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email from an On Co-op staff member. Credit card processing will take place AFTER that email has been sent to you.
  • After your credit card has been processed, you will receive a second email with the following information:

- Access link information
- Course pack tracking number from Purolator
- Confirmation of Payment

 Reminder: Once your credit card has been processed, there are NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON.


No matter what your level of co-op or credit union knowledge, taking online module #1 (The Co-op Context) is recommended to provide a common knowledge of the co-operative sector. Here are our suggestions for others:

  • Co-operative (Credit Union) CEOs and their senior management teams.  Should take the entire Co-operative Managment Certificate program (i.e. not just the e-courses) for broad-based knowledge and peer-network support.  
  • Employees, including new-hires. Should take, at a minimum, online module #1, plus other topics that support their career path.
  • Specialized staff (accountants, lawyers, lenders, etc). Online modules #2, #3 and #4. 
  • Board of Directors, Committee Members and Key Volunteers. Should also take, at a minimum, online module #3.
  • Co-op (Credit Union) Members and those interested in learning more about co-operatives. Sector-specific modules as required.
  • Co-op Developers, business start-up centres and individuals interested in starting up a co-operative. Online modules #3, and #4 plus sector-specific courses as required. 
  • Those outside of Ontario. Online modules #1, #3 and #4.  Sector-specific courses as required.


To gain a broader and richer understanding of the co-operative sector and learn innovative strategies for addressing key issues in co-operative management and governance, consider applying to the Co-operative Management Certificate Program. This six-month program combines e-learning with in-depth classroom sessions held at the Schulich School of Business at York University. Through the CMC Program, you will engage with top professionals and peers in a learning network focused on contemporary management issues, develop critical thinking, and make alliances and partnerships with colleagues across co‑operative sectors.

  • Students taking individual e-Learning courses will not have the benefit of the enriched content, guest speakers, peer-learning and alumni networks, and in-depth analysis of e-learning content and broad co-op issues. These benefits, plus the Face to Face Intensive Modules (featuring university and sector professionals and leaders), Webinars, Peer-networking links, and other learning resources are only offered as part of the Certificate Program. And, unlike the CMC Program, readings, quizzes and reflective assignments in the Co-op e-Learning Courses are not discussed or graded by a CMC presenter, sector representatives or a peer network.
  • NOTE: In addition to the above, there are further differences between the content and assignments of the public and the Certificate versions of the e-learning modules. 

This project supported by funding from The Ontario Trillium Foundation.


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