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Regional Co-op Networks

Even though Co-operative Principle 4 is Autonomy and Independence, your participation in a Co-op Network can be very advantageous. Sector-specific networks train, guide, connect and advocate for co-ops working in the same industry. Membership in these networks ensures that your co-op stays on the cutting edge of the industry.

There are also benefits to forming or joining a regional Co-op Network. They provide local support and mentorship for new and emerging co-ops, a common voice for your organization in municipal and provincial politics, cross-promotional opportunities and a "wider reach," and the opportunity to share in training and development costs. If you’re interested in joining or forming a regional Co-op Network, contact On Co-op. We’ll introduce you to others in your region!

Regional Co-op Networks

To date, these Co-op Networks have been formed, or are in the process of forming:

  • [requires javascript] Network (K-W, Brant, Guelph, Cambridge & Hamilton) 
  • [requires javascript] 
  • [requires javascript] Network 
  • [requires javascript] Network
  • [requires javascript] Network
  • [requires javascript] Network
  • [requires javascript] Network
  • [requires javascript] Network
  • GTA Co-op Network

Feel free to click on any of these top send an email to one of the organizers. Membership is always free, open and voluntary.

Keep abreast of meetings, workshops and other events organized by a Co-op Network in your region!

Co-op Network Toolkit

Over the past year, we have been working hard to compile information that can assist you to develop and/or enhance a Co-op Network in your region! 

Thanks to the generous provincial sponsorships from The Co-operators and Meridian Credit Union for our Regional Co-op Connections Conference series, we were able to use some of the funding to help put this Co-operative Network Toolkit together.

The kinds of things you will find inside this FREE resource are:

  • Why Form a Network?
  • What is a Co-op Network?
  • Stages of a Network
  • Key Decisions
  • Running an Effective Meeting
  • Finding a Meeting Space
  • Roles
  • Find Your Co-op Neighbours
  • Cold Calling and Reaching Out
  • Sample Calendar of Events
  • Helpful Agenda Templates
  • Keeping in Touch
  • On Co-op is Here to Help!
  • Working With On Co-op
  • Collaboration Examples from Other Networks
  • Other Networks and Associations

While this guide is still a work in progress, we have added it to the Downloads section on the right-hand toolbar for your viewing reference. 

If you have any information that you would like to share with us, or think could enhance this guide, please [requires javascript] us!


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