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Co-op Engagement

Through a wide range of events, publications and social media, On Co-op works to strengthen and enhance the knowledge and awareness of Ontario co-ops within and beyond the co-operative sector.

On Co-op hosts, facilitates and promotes events such as workshops, webinars, regional roundtables and conferences and the provincial Co-op Conference and Spirit Awards Ceremony. On Co-op maintains strong ties and relationships with Canada's other provincial co-operative associations, the Canadian Co-operative Association and the provincial and national credit union systems. On Co-op is part of the worldwide co-operative and credit union network, connecting Ontario co-ops to the global co-operative movement.


On Co-op has been updating and developing new (and free!) resources for the sector. These include:

  • Now available online, The How-To Series! Looking for advice on how to run an AGM, board meeting, member’s meeting or board elections? Follow this link to view or download the guides.
  • Now available online and in print: the updated FACTSheet series. Previous content (which is still available on our website) has been updated with the latest sector changes, and the series has been expanded to include FACTSheets on financial services co-operatives, worker co-ops, food and farm co-operatives and more! A big thank you goes out to the sector leaders who consulted on this project. Stayed tuned for the official launch!

Check out our totally reworked links and resources page with connections to co-op research, co-op associations, relevant government agencies, co-ops in the media, great promotional videos, infographics and more!
Do you belong to a sector or regional organization we’ve missed? [requires javascript] and we will add a link to your community’s page ASAP.  


  • On Co-op facilitates training sessions, board development workshops and discussion groups, in person or electronically.
  • The Association works with each of Ontario's co-op sectors to bring their individual members and associations together for development and networking sessions. On Co-op also provides board training and development sessions to organizations on a fee-for-service basis.
  • On Co-op can provide staff, board members and sector representatives to: give talks or presentations, comment on specific issues in the news, talk about co-operative issues, or provide an introduction to the co-operative model.
  • On Co-op can also provide young people, CYL facilitators, CYL participants, or others to speak about their experiences and help co-ops shape their own youth engagement or communication strategies.


  • The On Co-op e-Newsletter features news and information for co-operators in Ontario and beyond. Special issues are distributed on an ongoing basis.
  • The CYL e-Newsletter is produced annually each winter to showcase On Co-op's Co-operative Young Leaders (CYL) program.
  • On Co-op issues news releases throughout the year on events and issues in the Ontario co-operative sector.
  • We encourage co-ops, and sector stakeholders to forward all of their media releases to On Co-op for distribution through our networks.



  • On Co-op’s Facebook page allows us to share photos, stories and upcoming co-op events with you and your friends. Check out the photos in the 'Who do you recognize' area. Show your support for On Co-op and Ontario co-operatives by becoming our Facebook fan!
  • Follow us on Twitter to get the latest news and reminders about upcoming co-op events.


Guide to Co-op Act written in plain, accessible language

Oct 14, 2015 - On Co-op has created a Guide to Ontario’s Co-operative Corporations Act. The Guide explains the details of the Act, and includes advice about the procedures and protocols that define the operations of co-operatives. The Guide also includes a number of…

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June 2017 CMC Congress & AGM

Jun 19, 2017 + others - CMC Congress & AGM

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On Co-op is a trade association and capacity-building organization that develops, engages, educates and advocates for Ontario's co-op businesses.