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In this section, you will learn more about the various sessions and the speakers for the 2018 conference. Information will be added as it becomes confirmed.


Facilitated by: Mary Larson and Carol Faull from L&C Strategic Advisors

This will be an interactive, dynamic course that provides the rationale for credit union boards to consider organizational culture as a priority aspect of their responsibilities, and to help them apply their understanding in the real-world context of their own boards.

It has been demonstrated that the state of an organization's culture is directly linked to its bottom line. So why isn't addressed in the boardroom? Board members may believe that culture is too soft to have any real influence over revenues, but evidence is growing that the opposite is true. Perhaps the most revealing and important fact about culture is that it can, in fact, be measured. It has also been widely shown that boards play a crucial role in identifying the importance of culture to management, and to insisting that their management teams create and nurture healthy behaviours and mindsets in their organizations.

The course will be interactive and provide thought leadership and insights, but also be practical, have a call to action and answer the question: “what should I do with this when I go back to my board table?” To that end, the Barrett Values Survey tool will be administered to involve the attendees in a tangible way in the topic. We will ask each attendee to take the Survey relating to their own organizations, and assess the results as a group—i.e., not attributing overall scores to any particular credit union.

 The course will focus on:

  • • The importance of culture on influencing a credit union’s top line
  • • How to introduce it to your board
  • • How culture can be measured
  • • What to do with that measurement once it's been taken

This is a 3.5 hour session (valued at $359 and included in the DF registration fee) with Cusource education, the professional development arm of the Canadian Credit Union Association. All registered DF delegates who sign in during the course will receive a half-day CE credit under CUDA.


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2018 OCA Annual General Meeting

Oct 18, 2018 - 2018 OCA AGM

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