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Membership List

The strength of our Co-operative comes from the passion and diversity of our Membership. Our members include credit unions, emerging, existing and expanding co-operatives, co-op and credit union federations and associations, sector stakeholders, service providers and most importantly co-op champions! 

Membership Listing (2016-2017)

Voting Members*



Friends - Organizations

Friends - Individuals

  • Rejikumar Padmalayam Bhargavan
  • Vito Scurderi
  • Joan Brady
  • Sherylann Barrington

* Ontario Co-operative Association Inc. is a co-operative, formed in 2002 under Ontario's Co-operative Corporations Act.  Under the Act, our "members" are comprised of those in the Member-owner category.  Together, our Member-owners, Friends and Associates comprise the 'membership.'


If your co-operative or credit union's name is not on this list, your organzation may be an indirect member. If your co-operative organization belongs to a federation or association which is a Member-owner of On Co-op, your co-op is considered to be a MOMO (Member of Member Organization).


We welcome MOMOs to join at the Friend level.  This allows each organization to be more engaged and connected to us in a way that is meaningful to them.

Only direct dues-paying Member-owners (i.e. not Friends or Associates) may participate in the democratic process, which includes voting on resolutions at On Co-op member meetings, submitting a candidate for election to the On Co-op board of directors or voting in elections. MOMO status is granted only to co-operative organizations. However, individuals may also join On Co-op as a Friend.

Examples of MOMOs - 
(1) Central 1 is the On Co-op Member0owner.  Alterna Savings is a member of Central 1, and therefore is a MOMO of On Co-op.  The individual members (customers) of Alterna are not MOMOs.
(2) CHF Canada, Ontario Region (Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada) is the On Co-op Member-owner. The housing co-operatives which belong to CHF in Ontario, and the regional housing federations are considered MOMOs. However, the families & residents which belong to the housing co-ops are not MOMOs.

Examples of Federations or Associations which are part of the On Co-op membership: Central 1 Credit Union, Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada, Ontario Region, GROWMARK, PCPC & Hamilton Council childcare federations.


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