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Membership Eligibility, Categories and Dues

As a dues-paying member of On Co-op, you will have special access to resources on co-op development, educational and resource materials, sources of co-op funding and will benefit from discounted business services and partnerships. Most importantly, your support of the Association ultimately benefits all co-operatives in the province - investing in the development of current and future co-op organizations, infrastructure, leaders, employees and members

Download the Member Categories and Benefits summary document or click on the expanded membership category page from the links at right to learn more.  For the application form, visit the "Apply for Membership Here" page, from the related pages links at right.


Any co-operative, credit union, caisse populaire or co-op sector federation which operates in Ontario or Canada may apply to join On Co-op as a Voting Member*, Supporter or Friend subject to the category criteria. You may also apply to join On Co-op if you are:

  • a sector stakeholder, law/accounting firm, co-op/business developer or other organization that does business with, or supports the work of, the co-operative or credit union sectors, or co-operative's education - even if you are not a co-operative yourself.
  • an individual with ties to or an interest in the co-op movement or social enterprise. This includes CYL graduates or All 4 Each facilitators, interns, current or past co-op employees, credit union/co-op Directors, or even co-op members (customers).
  • a group which is in the process of organizing and developing a co-operative. Un-incorporated co-ops are encouraged to join the Association as a Friend-organization so that your group has access to co-op development support and resources, discounted products and services, opportunities to meet with and learn from others in the co-op movement, and chances to collaborate with other co-ops in your sector.
  • a national, provincial, regional or community-based co-op or co-op federation.

*Note - if your organization belongs to a federation or association that is a Voting Member of On Co-op, your organization is welcome to join On Co-op as a Supporter Member.

All membership applications are reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors.




Organizations which join as Voting Members may exercise all democratic and governance rights, and have full access to all of On Co-op's programs, services and discount plans. They make and pass resolutions at members' meetings and may vote and discuss on the business of the Association. Voting Members may elect representatives to the Board of Directors, and may submit candidates to run for On Co-op's Board.  We encourage all co-operatives* operating in Ontario, as well as federations, national, provincial, regional and community-based co-ops to join at this level.

VOTING MEMBER CATEGORIES (visit the Membership Categories page from the link at right for more information on each category)
(a) Sustaining Member; (b) Leader; (c) Federations and Large Co-ops;  (d) Member: Share Capital or Non Co-op;  (e) Member: Non Share Capital.

Annual Dues
(e) Co-op without share capital: $785
(d) Co-op with share capital, and all non co-ops:
          $2,881 [1-4 offices]
          $4,191 [5+ offices]
(c) Federation or Large Co-op: $3,667
(b) Co-op Leader: $10,477*
(a) Sustaining Member: $52,386*


The Supporter and Friend categories are non-voting. These categories include membership benefits, although often with some limitations. You may attend all On Co-op events, workshops and functions, and utilize On Co-ops programs, services and most of the Association's benefit packages - some of which are outlined below. This includes entitlement to the "member rate" for On Co-op programs and activities.

Federations may only join as Voting Members. Federations which join as Associate Members cannot have MOMO status extended to the co-operatives within their membership. Supporters and Friends may attend and participate in members' meetings, but cannot vote, present resolutions for consideration or submit candidates for election to the Board of Directors.

(a) Supporter; (b) Friend-Organization; (c) Friend-Individual
There are no sub-categories, and no distinction is made for size or scope of the organization.

Annual Dues

(a) All Supporter organizations: $524
(b) All Friend Individuals: $78
(c) All Friend Organizations: $157

Supporters: Any organization, including co-ops, professional associates, co-op developers, educators, researchers, funders, sector suppliers or co-op champions may join as a Supporter. Supporters may have limited membership benefits in some areas, most notably participation in the democratic process at members' meetings.

Friends: Individuals, or unincorporated co-ops in the development stage (or co-ops less than five years old), often join as Friends of On Co-op. An organization may join On Co-op as a “Friend-organization” for up to two years, subject to approval from the Board of Directors. After that period of time, they must move to Supporter or Membership categories ("Friend-individuals" may remain in that category indefinitely). Friends have limited membership benefits in some areas.


Member of Member Organizations (MOMOs): If a federation or association is a Voting Member of On Co-op, its co-operative member organizations are entitled to the "member rate" discount and often other benefits of membership. See the Membership List page for more information on MOMOs.


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