The Ontario Co-operative Association

Our vision is an Ontario where co-operatives contribute to the sustainability and growth of our economy and communities. Our mission is to lead, cultivate and connect the co-operative sector.

On Co-op Believes In

People: The co-op sector is made up of passionate individuals who are making a difference. Networking together, supporting one another and believing that change can happen, we will recognize and support the important efforts of our staff, volunteers and members.

Innovation: On Co-op is committed to finding creative solutions to Ontario’s social, environmental and economic challenges. Based on the foundation of the seven co-operative principles, we believe that experimenting and learning will contribute to a stronger organization and province.

Professional service: We will deliver programs that are relevant and beneficial to our members. As a gateway for information and knowledge, we are committed to exemplary service, measuring our results and developing proactive solutions that meet member needs.

Accountability: We are committed to providing clarity in roles, accountability of decision-making and transparency of financial management for members, regulators and funders.

Sustainability: Our decisions and actions will support Co-operative Social Responsibility. We want financial viability, a strong and vibrant co-operative sector and a planet that can sustain both.