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Co-op Week

Co-op Week is an annual opportunity for Canadian co-operative and credit union members to celebrate the fact that they have collectively helped to build this country and to recognize their continuing contributions at home and abroad.

In 2016, Co-op Week will take place October 16 - 22, with Credit Union Day falling on Thursday, October 20. We are encouraging co-ops, credit unions and regional co-op networks to promote the week - and themselves - during this period!

Credit Union Day is designated as the third Thursday of October each year. Co-op Week is always celebrated during the week in which Credit Union Day falls. Materials for Credit Union Day can be obtained from Credit Union Central of Canada or your provincial credit union central. 

The theme of Co-op Week 2016 is “Our Co-op Advantages” and as the provincial association for Ontario co-operatives, we have one simple ask: to share your views on why you choose to do business co-operatively. We want you to do this loudly and proudly in public, online, and most importantly, with your family and friends! 


  • Explain the various benefits of the co-operative business model for creating a sustainable economy in the province.
  • Celebrate the significant contributions of co-operatives in their communities across Ontario.
  • Promote the relevance of the co-operative model, its mission as a local and sustainable development tool, as well the values and principles that guide it. In other words, promote the Co-operative Identity  – what makes us diverse and what unifies us!
  • Explore inter-co-operation through Principle Six: Co-operation among Co-operatives!
  • Develop a better understanding of the advantages of co-operation among officers, employees, members of the movement and the general public.

Check out our Co-op Week 2016 write-up in the Downloads section of the right-hand toolbar to access some quick and easy facts and stats to share about co-operatives, and some of the many resources at your fingertips on co-ops provincially, nationally and internationally!

in 2015, the Saskatchewan Co-operative Association created a great toolkit for planning Co-op Week celebrations, which you can download as well.

Finally, for those of you who have organized special events and celebrations, feel free to share your     Co-op Week stories and photos with us on Facebook! Don’t forget to use the handle @ontariocoops and the hashtag #coops so we can see you. 

And most importantly...HAVE A HAPPY CO-OP WEEK!


Canada's National Co-op Week is always a busy time in the co-operative sector. It is a time to celebrate and promote the role, accomplishments and contributions of our co-ops and credit unions. Co-op week events help raise the visibility of co-operative organization, and improve understanding and awareness of the co-operative business model.

In Ontario, past events have included flag-raising, wine and cheese receptions, government receptions and local declaration of co-op days or weeks, regional and provincial conferences, co-op trivia games, walking tours of local co-ops, and member appreciation days. As the "keeper of the Co-operative Spirit" in Ontario, On Co-op encourages all co-operatives to host an activity or event during this week.

Co-op Week has been celebrated by francophones throughout Canada since 1958. In 1981 celebrations were held among anglophone co-ops in the Maritimes and Saskatchewan. The event went national in 1982 with the encouragement of the Co-operative Union of Canada, a predecessor of Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada, the national trade association for the co-operative movement in Canada.

Co-op Week is a uniquely Canadian phenomenon. In the US, October is Co-op Month. In the UK, they celebrate Co-ops Fortnight in June/July. Click here to view some international co-op events. 


On Co-op encourages co-operatives and credit unions to also celebrate International Co-operative Day, which is always held the first Saturday in July. This is an international celebration with co-operatives in 100 countries celebrating. This year, Co-op Day falls on Saturday, July 5, 2014 (2015 = July 4). Picnics, open houses, information booths at farmers' markets and activities shared/promoted by area co-ops are some of the recent events.

Typically this day has not been widely promoted in Canada - but has been steadily gaining in popularity here since IYC 2012: The United Nations International Year of Co-operatives.


International Credit Union (ICU) Day® has been celebrated on the third Thursday of October since 1948. The day is recognized to reflect upon the credit union movement's history and to promote its achievements. It is a day to honor those who have dedicated their lives to the movement, recognize the hard work of those working in the credit union industry and show members our appreciation.

The ultimate goal is to raise awareness about the great work that credit unions are doing around the world and give members the opportunity to get more involved. Credit unions and associations throughout the world celebrate the day with open houses, contests, picnics and parades.

To learn more about Credit Union Day in Canada, visit the sites of Credit Union Central of Canada or Central 1 Credit Union. Click here to visit the World Council of Credit Union pages on International Credit Union Day.


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